Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Luhmühlen Cross Country Flyover

A star field of 50 is set to compete at the Luhmühlen CCI4* in Germany this week including two Americans, Boyd Martin with Shamwari 4 and Liz Halliday-Sharp with four-star first-timer Deniro Z. Jenni Autry is EN’s boots on the ground in Germany this week, so stay tuned for all coverage you can handle and then some.

Meanwhile, take a walk around the 11-minute Luhmühlen CCI4* cross country course in just 4.5 minutes through this drone flyover.

Beautifully built and presented by designer Mike Etherington-Smith and his team, there are several challenges to making the course at Luhmühlen. This year, Mike has attempted to open up the track more for spectators without affecting the flow of the course. Watch this video to hear more about his design process.

Go Eventing.

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