Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Mustang Cam

“I’m tellin’ ya folks, warmbloods and Thoroughbreds — overrated for eventing. Everybody needs to get a Mustang!” That’s what announcer Brian O’Connor quipped as Elisa Wallace and her grey Mustang mare Hwin cantered towards the final fences on course at the Ocala Horse Properties Winter I Horse Trials last weekend.

It looks like Elisa had her work cut out for her at the beginning, as Hwin was a bit lookey and unfocused. By the end, she was jumping out of stride and navigated a couple of tough looking combinations perfectly.

Thanks to Thehorsepesterer, we’ve got both Elisa’s and the spectator’s point of view.

Elisa can always be counted on for great helmet cams, which is one more reason why we’re glad the USEF decided to reverse the temporary ban on helmet cams just in time for the 2015 season to begin.

We’re wishing this pair the best of luck at the Mustang Magic competition in Fort Worth next week and hope to see them doing more eventing this year!

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