Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Not Your Average Helmet Cam

Andrew Hoy & Vassily de Lassos

Join us for the cross country round from Andrew Hoy & Vassily de Lassos. Many thanks to SAP Sports for making this special perspective possible. Have fun and hold on tight ;-) 🏇Kommt mit auf den Geländeritt von Andrew Hoy & Vassily de Lassos. Dank SAP Sports könnt ihr den Ritt aus dieser besonderen Perspektive erleben. Viel Spaß und gut festhalten :-)! #SAPSports #CHIOAachen #chioaachen2018 #TheBestRun

Posted by CHIO Aachen on Monday, August 13, 2018

We’ve ridden along on a lot of courses since helmet cams became a ‘thing,’ but it’s not often we get to hear the commentary of the rider after they’ve crossed through the finish, the horse has been cooled out and the rider has a chance to reflect on the round.

Andrew Hoy walks us through every step of his round at CHIO Aachen with Vassily de Lassos, a 9-year-old Anglo Arab gelding (Jaguar Mail X Illusion Perdue, Jalienny) owned by Andrew along with Paula and David Evans. Posting a clear round with just 1.2 time penalties, they finished fourth overall in the CICO3*.

Watch and listen how Andrew settles Vassily into a rhythm early on, sets up for the more difficult questions, and where he is able to make up time. All this while the speed technology of SAP tracks their progress around the course. Go Eventing.


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