Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Remembering Simba

Our thoughts are with Gina Miles and her team after losing Liza MacNaughton’s promising young prospect Simba Della Caccia on Sunday due to colic surgery complications.

Gina and Liza found “Simba” as a 4-year-old at the 2015 Goresbridge Go For Gold Sale, and as a 6-year-old the Holsteiner gelding (Singulaer X Tin Rocco) had just moved up to Training in March, winning his first start at the level at Twin Rivers on 27.9.

“He had so much promise for the future and I feel we were just barely tapping into his talent and potential. He was so sweet and friendly and always wanted to please,” Gina said on her Facebook page.

“A bit big and gangly, we made it our plan to bring him on slowly and give him time to develop and get strong. … He had just done his first 1.10-meter class for second place and was aiming for the Rebecca Farm Training Three-Day and a one-star in the fall. A shooting star in my life.”

Ellie Leonard produced this lovely tribute video to Simba with footage from Ride On Video. The EN team extends our deepest condolences to Gina, Liza and all who knew and loved Simba.


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