Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Senan & Mickybo Bring the House Down

Mickybo Wins At Dublin

Senan Reape & Mickybo brought the curtain down on day three of the Show as they won the 128cm National Championship

Posted by Dublin Horse Show on Friday, August 10, 2018

There’s not much more enthralling than watching a fearless young rider and his spunky pony attack a jump-off, flying over fences taller than they are and with more determination than many adults. Young Senan Reape, 9, and the 18-year-old pony Mickybo were stars at the Dublin Horse Show, winning the 128cm National Championship in serious style.

This video of their speedy trip has since been making the rounds on social media and surpassed one million views. That’s no surprise as this confident pair put in quite a performance, galloping right down the distances without fear, whipping around the turns to save time and feeding off the energy of the crowd, which whooped with each jump and cheered them all the way across the finish line. Well done, Senan and Mickybo!


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