Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Stoneleigh-Burnham HT

The Beast, aka Valonia, up the bank at Stoneleigh-Burnham! Photo by David Frechette.

Some people like to relax on Sunday morning…maybe read the newspaper, have a cup of coffee, maybe enjoy a morning off from work. Not us! By us, I mean all event riders! Sunday I spent all day at Stoneleigh-Burnham in Greenfield, Mass. I usually make it to their event every summer, and what an awesome event they put on! The conditions were nearly perfect. The footing was great, the weather was tolerable and the atmosphere was delightful.

I trailered over to the event with my buddy Susan Berrill, who had three horses to compete that day. Sue, owner of Greylock Farm in Brownsville, Vt., is an advanced event rider and is just a very accomplished rider in general. She won the Area 1 Prelim championships in 2006 on Denny Emerson’s Jetting West, and in 2007 won the Bromont CIC* with Welton Hvala! It is SO much fun watching her compete, and boy, do the fans love her!

I wanted to share this video of Sue and Chequers Superstar in the open prelim division on Sunday, which was his second prelim ever. The pair finished fifth. Chequers is a 10-year-old Irish gelding owned by Nicole Diana and is one sturdy little horse! He looks like an adorable large pony when you stand next to him, and then you watch him float across the ground and gallop over huge jumps like it’s no big deal — what a guy! When I asked Sue what he felt like out on xc, said, “He was so much fun; he felt like a seasoned pro at this new level!”

Thanks to David Frechette, AKA The Horse Pesterer, for the video!

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