Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Valegro’s Rocking Horse

Dean Golding might get a gold star for being the most thoughtful horse husband (well, technically, fiancé) of all time.

When the horse girl in your life is none other than Charlotte Dujardin, the typical suggestions for “gifts for equestrians” are probably a bit superfluous. When your lady throws a leg over a horse like Valegro, wins a bunch of Olympic medals and rewrites the record books, giving her a gift like a dressage-themed iPhone case or a personalized saddle pad just doesn’t quite feel like the grand gesture such an equestrian perhaps deserves.

So Golding set out to find the ultimate gift for his fiancée — something unique that would immortalize a once-in-a-lifetime horse while showing the rider in his life that he not only understood the place horses held in her world but accepted it as part of her identity. Golding’s solution: a one-of-a-kind custom heirloom-quality rocking horse, handcrafted in Valegro’s image by the masters of the craft, Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses.

The final product was unveiled at Olympia as a surprise for Charlotte as she, Carl Hester and the rest of Team Valegro formally retired the superstar horse.

Well done, Dean. Hats off to Stevenson Brothers for their impeccable craftsmanship in creating this exquisite rocking horse to memorialize the incredible Valegro, and we hope the model will continue to rock for generations to come.

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