Weekend Winners: Arrowhead, Bouckaert, Huntington Farm, Mile High, Coconino, & Maryland

A very busy weekend all throughout the country this past weekend. From Starter divisions, to the 4* running at Maryland, and the USEF Eventing Young Rider Championships, I’m loving recapping the excitement from these six events.

We have plenty to catch up on, and will start off with congratulating our fabulous Weekend Winners! We love giving these horse and rider combos a shout out… with an extra special shout out to the winner of our Unofficial Low Score Award: Arrowhead H.T.’s Open Novice winner Alison Osborne and Fernhill Rodger That, who finished on an epic 14.2! Wild!

Arrowhead H.T. (Billings, MT) [Website][Scoring]

Open Preliminary: Bailie Corless and Casualleigh (22.8)
Open Training: Madison Manley and NDR’s Fez (26.3)
Open Novice: Alison Osborne and Fernhill Rodger That (14.2)
Open Beginner Novice A: Colleen Wood and Call Me Handsome (29.6)
Open Beginner Novice B: Andora Tragiai and Rhyme and Reason (23.1)
Open Starter: C’Dale Jore and A Mannhattan’s Liberty (19.7)

Bouckaert Equestrian H.T. (Fairburn, GA) [Website][Scoring]

Open Intermediate: Dana Cooke and FE Quattro (28.8)
Open Preliminary: Abby Maude and Le Rebelle-S (30.8)
Preliminary Rider: Breeana Robinette and Cape Kimberly (33.4)
Modified Rider: Willow Schwartz and RH Finnegan (30.0)
Open Modified: Eileen Galoostian and Victor B Z (30.5)
Junior Training Rider: Victoria Smith and Someday Never Comes (29.7)
Open Training: Jennie Jarnstrom-Dennis and Wilhma (29.4)
Senior Training Rider: Elle Snyder and Oakland Quality (27.5)
Junior Novice Rider: Stella McGuire and Lucky Clover (35.3)
Open Novice: Julie Richards and Fernhill Curra Finn (32.9)
Senior Novice Rider: Kaley Chung and CSF Lady Gaga (26.9)
Junior Beginner Novice Rider: Raegan Hornfeck and Legendary Spots (27.4)
Open Beginner Novice: Miriam Offermanns and TOTOLLY TINKER (27.1)
Senior Beginner Novice Rider: Ella Bratti and Fernhill Valentino (33.2)
Starter: Paige Markel and Tinkerbelle (23.7)

Huntington Farm H.T. (South Strafford, VT) [Website][Scores]


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Open Preliminary: Paige Roy and Excel Star E.I. Bostonian (43.2)
Open Modified: Shanon Baker and Fly Boy (38.3)
Open Training A: Emily Smith and Vallis Alpes (35.6)
Open Training B: Jane Kreppein and Sport (41.5)
Junior Novice A: Adeline Tullar and Rufian de Beaufour (31.9)
Junior Novice B: Farley Ordway and SRF Imperious Dream (28.9)
Open Novice A: Katie Garr and Boston Jack (33.3)
Open Novice B: Andrea Brainard and Watson’s Beijing (32.1)
Open Novice C: Sarah Lovallo and Watson’s Delightful (33.1)
Junior Beginner Novice: Heidi Dodge and Rocket Man (32.1)
Open Beginner Novice A: Caitlin Dwyer and Shadow of Night (27.9)
Open Beginner Novice B: Helena Kopczynski and Bantry Bay’s Roper (31.8)
Open Beginner Novice C: Julie Howard and Isn’t She Sweet (32.1)

Sporty and I ran the training at Huntington Farm Vermont yesterday and even won our division!🥇 He was such a star all around and we had an awesome time galloping around cross country. Happy the rain cleared up from dressage and it turned into a beautiful day with my boy ♥️

Posted by Jane Kreppein on Sunday, July 7, 2024

Mile High Horse Ranch H.T. (Parker, CO) [Website][Scoring]


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Open Training: Rebecca Caulfield and Fernhill Opulence (21.9)
Open Novice A: Rochelle Costanza and Eye Candy (30.3)
Open Novice B: Jacquie Schoeggl and Stellaluna (31.1)
Open Beginner Novice A: Lauren Fedorczyk and Galicia (31.6)
Open Beginner Novice B: Dani Cedars Sussman and My Faline (27.2)
Starter A: Sophia Harris and RHM Miss Chic Please (28.3)
Starter B: Addy Dunlap and Ashes West (27.3)

Summer Coconino HT and Western Underground, Inc. TR,N,BN 3 Day Event (Flagstaff, AZ) [Website] [Scoring]


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CT – Intermediate: Ghislaine Homan-Taylor and Mt. Whitney (36.0)
HT-Intermediate-Open: Sean Worrall and Osito (43.8)
HT-Preliminary-Open: Laura Sparks and Billy Ambitious (38.8)
HT-Training-Open: Kirsten Freed and Jasper (26.7)
HT-Training-Rider: Jennifer Buchanan and Red Rox (42.3)
3D-3-Day Training-Open: Anastasia Keyser and Bellatrix (30.7)
HT-Novice-Open: Jennifer Row and Bella Vida GWF (24.7)
HT-Novice-Rider: Christine Murphy and Made You Look (22.2)
TEST-3-Day Novice Test-Open: Brittney Caflisch and Benmore Westonhouse Boy (24.1)
HT-Beginner Novice-JR: Kyla Roberts and Wildflower (18.8)
HT-Beginner Novice-Open: Ghislaine Homan-Taylor and RSH Goliath (21.2)
HT-Beginner Novice-Rider: Michelle Bresnahan and Fisher Price (23.4)
3-Day BN TEST-Open: Arianah Romero and Flash of Gray (34.3)
HT-Starter-Open: Alakwa Pardue-Duran and Cloonrane Dancer (36.7)
Pre-Comp 1-Day: Lindsay Lechner and La Di Da (30.3)


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The Maryland International + Horse Trials (Adamstown, MD) [Website][Scoring]


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CCI 4*S: Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me (75.1)
CCI 3*S: Kim Severson and Cooley Corraghy Diamond (42.1)
CCI 3* YR Championships: Megane Sauve and Nuance (46.9)
CCI 2*S: Katherine Maroko and Redfield Champion (40.7)
CCI 2* YR Championships: Audrey Ogan and Always Cooley (33.7)
CCI 1*S: Valerie Pride and Kiss My Jambo M (33.9)
CCI 1* YR Championships: Catherine Purcell and Mystic Hazzard (31.4)
Open Intermediate: Lillian Heard Wood and Dassett Olympus (57.6)
Open Preliminary: Fylicia Barr and Quantum Cooley (35.2)
Open Modified: Kim Severson and Cooley Consort (27.0)
Junior Open Training: Iselin Byars and Bloomfield Pocket Money (56.8)
Open Training: Valerie Pride and Excel Star Je T’Aime (30.0)
Training Rider: Marina Cassou and Cooley Monsoon (30.6)

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