Weekend Winners: Fair Hill, Meadowcreek, Ocala, River Glen, Sporting Days

Another busy spring weekend in the books! We saw Eventers out and active at five different events across the country, including two International events at Fair Hill and Ocala, which offered 3* and 4* competitions, respectively.

This was the first year that the Ocala International Festival of Eventing offered their 4*-S division, providing options for everyone – from Novice all the way up to the 4*. In addition, the event has been working diligently on irrigation practices to support ideal conditions for horses and riders. With an impressive number of entries for this year’s event, it’s clear that riders were looking forward to utilizing the opportunities the event provided!

From Starter to 4* events, we would like to congratulate everyone on successful rides! As always, we’re giving an extra shout out to the Unofficial Low Score Award winner, Scarlett Peinado with Shadow Inspector, who scored an impressive 19.7 in the Junior Novice Rider division at Ocala.

Fair Hill International April H.T. & CCI-S (Elkton, MD) [Website] [Results]

CCI3*-S: Boyd Martin and Chiraz (35.8)
CCI2*-S: Annabelle Sprague and Da Vinci Code (29.7)
Advanced: Ariel Grald and Forrest Gump 124 (32.0)
Intermediate: Ema Klugman and RF Redfern (28.0)
Preliminary A: Erin Kanara and Windchase Lionstar (29.7)
Preliminary B: Emily Bradford and LJS Lana Traveler (31.6)
Training A: Kim Severson and Arden Juju (30.3)
Training B: Courtney Cooper and Excel Star Tick Tock (25.6)

Meadowcreek Park – The Spring Social Event (Kosse, Texas) [Website] [Results]

Open Preliminary: Laura Sparks and Killossery Kitten (42.4)
Preliminary/Training: Eva Hemb and Lexington Hall’s Bentley (55.9)
Junior Training Rider: Bella LaBelle and TL Amerapride (39.1)
Open Training: Alexandra du Celliee Muller and HH Zephyr (35.2)
Senior Training Rider: Kimberly Stafford and Redfield Opium of the Paddocks (31.0)
Junior Novice Rider: Olivia Pratt and Ardeo San Diego (29.7)
Open Novice: Shelley Peters and The Mystery Machine (44.6)
Senior Novice Rider: Marni Prater and Flagmount’s Amazing Grace (36.9)
Junior Beginner Novice Rider A: Marissa Corcoran and Just Eddie (40.9)
Junior Beginner Novice Rider B: Julia Pinell and Castleberry’s Dirty Harry (30.6)
Open Beginner Novice: Megan Correia-Bittner and Quadrillo (32.4)
Senior Beginner Novice Rider: Zuhrah Alwahabi and Rise Up Redhawk (39.7)
Starter A: Christine Wheelwright and Lady Marmalade (28.7)
Starter B: Evie De Steffen and Arizona Sweet (31.0)

Ocala International Festival of Eventing (Ocala, Florida) [Website] [Results]

CCI4*-S: Sharon White and Claus 63 (35.5)
CCI3*-L: Caroline Martin and HSH Connor (23.3)
CCI2*-L: Leslie Law and Fernhill Lottery (24.9)
CCI1*-L: Laura Fazio and Royal Dancer 43 (30.7)
Advanced: Jamie McAllister and Army Ranger (58.2)
Advanced – CT: Elisa Wallace and Renkum Corsair (30.8)
Advanced/Intermediate: Sarah Ertl and Global Showtime (45.4)
Intermediate Rider: Lea Adams-Blackmore and Frostbite (29.3)
Open Intermediate: Meg Pellegrini and RF Eloquence (23.6)
Open Preliminary A: Bruce Davidson Jr. and Cooley Candyman (28.7)
Open Preliminary B: Elisa Wallace and Lissavorra Quality (27.4)
Preliminary Horse: Alexandra Green Kerby and Premier Fernhill (31.9)
Preliminary Rider: Melissa Morgan Paul and Uptown Indy (31.0)
Modified – Open A: Laurie Seely and Cadannus (22.6)
Modified – Open B: Lynn Symansky and DHI Kickodieza (26.7)
Modified – Rider: Anna Martin and Furstina (25.7)
Open Training: Karl Slezak and Monbeg Trademark (27.0)
Training Horse A: Karl Slezak and Hashtag Verified (27.1)
Training Horse B: Karl Slezak and Ardeo Dance Monkey (25.5)
Training Rider: Scarlett Peinado and Second Amendment (30.0)
Junior Novice Rider: Scarlett Peinado and Shadow Inspector (19.7)
Novice Horse A: Conor Rollins and Quality Gem (21.1)
Novice Horse B: Madeline Backus and Slew the Blues (25.6)
Open Novice A: Anna Loschiavo and Bruno (28.6)
Open Novice B: Brie Murray and Fernhill Ranga Tanga (23.9)
Senior Novice Rider A: Jim Phillips and Mike (27.2)
Senior Novice Rider B: Valli Corbin and Napoleon Z (30.8)

River Glen Spring H.T. (New Market, TN) [Website] [Results]

Open Preliminary: Brooke Kahl and Nata Montada SCF (35.0)
Open Modified: Tate Northrop and Harrison (32.0)
Open Training: Rachel Miles and Cooley Keystone (31.5)
Training Rider: Samantha McLean and Led Astray (38.8)
Training/Novice: Cathryn Brekken and Conquest of Housie Z (38.8)
Novice Rider: Marisa Shulman and Samurai Sam (31.2)
Open Novice: Margaret Ragan and Tatum (33.4)
BNovice Rider: Kathryn Hall and Artemis HH (25.3)
Open BNovice: Callie Blackford Winders and Teaspoon (27.9)
Starter Test Section A: Margret Stiles and Queen of Anything (31.7)
Starter Test Section B: Alysha Hendren and Sandy (26.7)

Sporting Days Farm April H.T. III (Aiken, SC) [Website] [Results]

Open Preliminary: Sarah Kuhn and Hashtag Trending (32.2)
Open Training: Madison Manley and NDR’s Fez (30.6)
Preliminary/Training: Arden Wildasin and Wanama (29.2)
Training Horse: Jessica Schultz and Unfolding Blame (28.6)
Training Rider: Morgan Hiller and Irishtown (28.2)
Novice Horse: Angelika Beutel and Harrison (31.7)
Novice Rider: Nancy Read and Classic Chrome PCH (26.0)
Open Novice: Gabrielle Hutchison and GHE Time Traveler (26.4)
Beginner Novice Rider A: Abby Taylor and Bollente (28.5)
Beginner Novice Rider B: Shawna Dietrich and R. Chumley (24.7)
Open Beginner Novice: Katie Cummings and Nature’s Contessa (28.8)
Starter: Ryder Hays and James Bond (30.7)

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