Weekend Winners: Galway, VHT, Full Gallop, Rocking Horse, Texas Rose

The first weekend of November was met by five recognized events running, including Galway’s Challenge Divisions, two FEI events, Area V Championships, and a farewell to VHT.

Galway Downs International Three-Day Event (Temecula, CA): [Website] [Results]

Re/Max CCI Four Star – L: James Alliston and Paper Jam (54.9)
CCI Three Star – L: James Alliston and Karma (37.2)
CCI Two Star – L: Tamra Smith and Crafty Don (29.2)
Open Preliminary: Gabriella Ringer and Get Wild (24.2)
Open Modified: Adelaide Rudkin and Confetti 42 (36.3)
Preliminary/Modfied- Challenge: Rebecca Braitling and Conlino PS (25.8)
Junior Training Rider: Kelson Frieden and Claro LS (25.0)
Modified/Training – Challenge: Mickayla Howard and HH Ontario (24.6)
Open Training: Helen Alliston and Call Me Rudi (24.3)
Senior Training Rider: Rebecca Mortensen and International Anthem (30.7)
Training Amateur: Cara Lavigna and Carrick Diamond Duke (22.8)
Junior Novice Rider: Fiona Holland and Joshua Tree (25.3)
Novice Amateur: Linda Culligan and Ma Belle Amie (35.3)
Open Novice: Lindsey Smith and LeFabulous J (23.9)
Senior Novice Rider: Julienne Biglin and Reverie GWF (22.4)
Training/Novice – Challenge: Katherine Van Alstyne and Fun and Games (25.0)
Junior Beginner Novice Rider: Jillian Newman and Extra Stellar (26.5)
Novice/Beginner Novice – Challenge: Jennifer McFall and High Five DF (26.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Patience O’Neal and Carlo R (22.9)
Senior Beginner Novice Rider A: Erin Rousey and Winsome Willow (29.9)
Senior Beginner Novice Rider B: Megan LeFave and Lord Rocco (32.5)

The VHT International & H.T. (Lexington, VA): [Website] [Results]

CCI Three Star – L: Jessica Phoenix and Freedom GS (33.9)
CCI Three Star – S: Sharon White and Claus 63 (43.9)
CCI Two Star – L: Laine Ashker and Lovedance (27.7)
CCI Two Star – S: Sharon White and Jaguars Duende (29.3)
CCI One Star – L: Boyd Martin and Mo Chroi (24.1)
Advanced/Intermediate: Michael Willham and Fernhill Cayenne (115.4)
Intermediate Rider: Erin Murphy and Argyle (44.0)
Open Intermediate: Olivia Dutton and Sea of Clouds (33.9)
Open Preliminary: Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Shutterfly (27.1)
Preliminary Rider: Shanna Sloan and Quiproquo Des Vatys (27.1)
Modified A: Lainey Phillips and Global Exellencia Z (24.8)
Modified B: Kelly Beaver and Excel Star Pluto (29.2)
Junior Open Training: Cate Lowham and Fernhill Confection aka Fernhill Frosted Top (34.8)
Open Training: Riley Leibeck and 5o1 Tin Man (30.2)
Training Horse A: Boyd Martin and Vivantura (32.9)
Training Horse B: Allison Springer and Monbeg Zebedee (32.4)
Training Rider A: Kendall Benner and Mine Quarry (35.0)
Training Rider B: Rose Cardinal and Crossfire (31.8)
Junior Open Novice A: Scout Knull and Ron Juan (31.4)
Junior Open Novice B: Carlin Keefe and Rosalina (28.6)
Novice Horse A: Michael Pendleton and Johnny Walker (20.8)
Novice Horse B: Leslie Lamb and Toha (25.0)
Novice Rider A: Stephanie Letarte and GarryNdruig Albie (31.1)
Novice Rider B: Julie Augustine and Texas Riddle (24.4)
Open Novice: Karen Mahaffey and Arthur HF (26.1)
Beginner Novice Horse: Nicole Ligon and Mocha (35.6)
Beginner Novice Rider A: Bekah Bartley and Plain Brown Wrap (30.3)
Beginner Novice Rider B: Shannon Barrett and Solar Flare (26.9)
Junior Open Beginner Novice: Emma Whitaker and Delilah’s Boy (22.2)
Open Beginner Novice: Molly McMillen and Poppins (24.7)
Starter A: Ashley Adams and Indigo (31.6)
Starter B: Judy Clark and Smoke on the Mountain (34.1)

Full Gallop Farm November H.T. (Aiken, SC): [Website] [Results]

Preliminary: Sue Jellum and Rochambeau (53.5)
Preliminary/Training: Shannon E. Riley and Solo Hit (35.4)
Training: Bonnie Mosser and A Funny Thing Happened (33.5)
Training/Novice: Margaret Schneck and Sky Road (34.5)
Novice: Emily Kuras and Monbeg Apollo 11 (29.2)
Beginner Novice: Susan Thomas and Fernhill Coastal Cowboy (30.9)
Starter: Jennifer Helgren and Pipes (28.3)

Rocking Horse Fall H.T. (Altoona, FL): [Website] [Results]

Open Intermediate: William Coleman and Gorgeous DHI (39.2)
Open Preliminary A: Lexi Scovil and SH Just for Laughs (22.6)
Open Preliminary B: Anna Loschiavo and I’m Special VG (31.7)
Preliminary/Training: Caitlin O’Roark and Lucky Devil (29.5)
Open Training A: Alexander O’Neal and Gold de Riverland (24.1)
Open Training B: Candace Elizabeth Bell and Promise the Moon (30.7)
Training Rider: Chloe Boyle and Cambalda (31.2)
Novice Rider: Penny Welsch and Mr. Poppers (27.8)
Open Novice: Alexander O’Neal and SF Darc Justice (25.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Brenda Hutton and WYO Dun Maid (30.0)

Texas Rose Horse Park Fall H.T. (Tyler, TX): [Website] [Results]

Intermediate/Preliminary: Katherine Anderson and High Class (51.4)
Open Preliminary: Melissa Rickman and Lefty (38.8)
Preliminary – Championships: Lauren Hoover and Monbeg Capricorn (36.7)
Preliminary Training: Alyssa Craig and SBT Clover Road (37.1)
Junior Training Rider: Quidley Kellermann and Cruising Along (34.7)
Open Training: Lauren Lambert and Biscotti (26.7)
Senior Training Rider: Ashton Jones and CMF Rembrandt (34.3)
Training – Championships: Sydney Schultz and Excel Star Saphira (30.0)
Junior Novice Rider: Taylor Tiberg and Text Me (28.3)
Novice – Championships: Anna Pierce and Dreamweaver (27.2)
Open Novice: Rebecca Brown and A.C. Blue-KL (34.6)
Senior Novice Rider: Kendall Baker and Demitasse (34.7)
Beginner Novice – Championships: Michelle Kennedy and Right Swipe (23.8)
Junior Beginner Novice Rider A: Katie Halpain and Buck Fever (34.4)
Junior Beginner Novice Rider B: Jaxin Credeur and HSH Rocketman (30.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Hannah Corlett and Ernest Fuerst Dance (29.1)
Senior Beginner Novice Rider: Ariah Transmeier and Bold Remark (28.8)
Starter A: Natalie Olokede and Flagmount’s Good and Ready (31.3)
Starter B: Kristina Tobias Brown and Marvel (35.7)
Tadpole: Kahley Fiala and Permesso (32.0)

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