Weekend Winners: Great Meadow, Shepherd Ranch, Town Hill

With a busy weekend leading into the AECs, we saw plenty of action at Great Meadow International, as well as out west at Shepherd Ranch, and up north at Town Hill.

Congrats to all on a successful weekend, with a special shout out to our Unofficial Low Score Award Winner, Britt Sabbah and Delilah! Britt and Delilah scored a 23.7 in the Open Introductory at Shepherd Ranch Pony Club H.T.

MARS Great Meadow International (The Plains, VA): [Website] [Results] [EN’s Coverage]

CCI4*S: Caroline Pamukcu and King’s Especiale (44.2)
CCI3*S: Caroline Pamukcu and HSH Vamonos (28.9)
CCI2*S: Michael Pendleton and Adorrado (29.4)
Preliminary A: Lizzie Hoff and Cooley On Show (38.3)
Preliminary B: Ema Klugman and FVF Wildflower (31.6)
Piedmont Equine – CCI2s Under25: Katie Lichten and HTS Jensen R (31.4)
Piedmont Equine – CCI3S & 4S Under25: Mia Farley and Invictus (48.1)

Shepherd Ranch Pony Club H.T. II (Santa Ynez, CA) [Website] [Results]

Intermediate/Preliminary: Barbara Crabo and Electric Daisy (39.7)
Open Preliminary: Sarah Cullum and Rebel’s Lancelot (42.5)
Preliminary/Training: Payton Piearcy and Geronimo (27.3)
Open Training: Michlynn Sterling and Carrigfadda (28.6)
Training Rider: Kylie Scott and LC O’Shawnisee (32.9)
Training/Novice: Tammy Weber and Take The Shot (43.4)
Novice Rider: Keelari Mauzy and West Coast Cooley (28.3)
Open Novice: Lexie Thacker and Kowenna (26.2)
Novice/Beginner Novice: Brooke Avila and Beejah (25.8)
Beginner Novice Rider: Lola Pierce and The Red Baron (36.3)
Open Beginner Novice: Meghan Lewis and Ringmaster (23.8)
Grasshopper: Ava Sisk and Sassybutclassy (30.6)
Open Introductory: Britt Sabbah and Delilah (23.7)
YEH-4 Year Old: Allyson Hartenburg and CUPIDO VAN DE HOGE DIJKEN Z (84.6)
YEH-5 Year Old: Andrea Baxter and Nicolai Van de Heering (84.6)
Training TIP: Jennifer Kessler and Battle Cry SLK (47.8)
Training/Novice TIP: Tammy Weber and Take The Shot (43.4)
Novice TIP: Reese Wahlberg and Happy on Empty (48.3)
Beginner Novice TIP: Maxance McManamy and Van Cortlandt (35.3)

Town Hill Farm H.T. (Lakeville, CT) [Website] [Results]

Preliminary: Emma Lomangino and Master Frisky (32.5)
Training: Nataleann Gore and Risky with Whiskey (31.0)
Novice A: Madison Lyn Dorval and Kwatro KW (29.6)
Novice B: Lydia Sarro and Clive Christian (25.0)
Novice C: Booli Selmayr and LKD Leamore (Jackson) (29.7)
Beginner Novice A: Abigail Reiners and Quincy (28.7)
Beginner Novice B: Morgan LaRosa and Vegas Showgirl (30.9)
Beginner Novice C: Emma Lomangino and Ti Amo (24.7)
Beginner Novice D: Tara Astacio and Money to Burn (27.7)
Starter A: Payton Neumyer and Parker (25.0)
Starter B: Spencer Stickles and Skippingandajumpin (28.0)
Starter C: Erin Furler and Shadow of Night (28.3)
Starter D: Nicole Hornblower and Horton (Shorty Town) (27.0)

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