WEG 2010 Radio Episode 82: Please Help 3 Para-equestrians

As Samantha, Glenn, and Roberd Dover discuss in the show, there are three Para-equestrians who have recently lost their horses for the WEGs.  I try not to ask Eventing Nation for much, but I do ask that if you know of any horses that might be suitable, check out Robert’s blog or listen to the show for more information on how to make that connection happen.

This week the 2010 Radio Show has a mission; not just to entertain and inform, but to please help three outstanding and inspiring, young para-equestrians ride at this year’s World Equestrian Games. Listen in as dressage legend Robert Dover explains how he got involved in helping these athletes find partners for the 2010 World Equestrian Games… 2010 Radio Show Episode 82 – Robert Dover, and Please Help 3 Para-Equestrians:




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