WFP and Oliver Have Arrived at the KHP, 2 Judges Have Not

According to William’s site, both William and Oliver have arrived in Lexington after their incredible travels over the past 36 hours.  The question now is how exhausted and jet-legged are they?  Both men have two days to recover and they both have a good deal of experience, so I think they will rebound quickly and be able to give their best effort to Rolex.  Thanks to KM for sending us the update.

Oliver’s taxi ride from Paris to Madrid cost $3,000 US.

Two Rolex dressage judges have been replaced due to volcano related travel problems.  Marilyn Payne and Christian Landholdt (SUI) will replace Anne-Mette Binder (DEN) and Sue Baxter (GBR).  Gretchen Butts has been named the TD in leu of Tom Ryckewaert (BEL).  Course designer Mike ES won’t arrive until Friday, and Derek di Grazia will sit in for him until then.  Multiple officials for the WEG test events were also shuffled around.
Boyd’s trip to Rolex was interrupted by PA state troopers who pulled them over and gave them a ticket for not having the correct license on their truck and trailer.  It’s OK Boyd, someone isn’t completely American until they have been pulled over and given an obnoxiously large fine for something trivial.
The McLain Ward and Sapphire disqualification situation is growing every day.  This is easily one of the biggest stories of the year in show jumping, and I suggest The Jurga Report for the latest information, including a video explaining the hypersensitivity test.  
Update: The New York Times has written an article about the Sapphire disqualification that discusses the story lines behind the scenes.
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