Whoa D*mn It!

Photo by Brant Gamma Photography.

After a forgiving, though arduous New England winter, Garth and I set out on our first canter set.
Trotting toward the hilly dirt road, we pass through a rural area of homes bordered by stonewalls and rolling fields.
K – Focus Garth. Look straight ahead
G – Oh my, that is an imposing tree. And that mailbox!
K – Truck coming. Stay straight, stop spooking at rocks.
G – A truck? Let’s race it!!
K – Whoa. Truck is coming TOWARD us!
G – Stone wall!! Where did that come from?! [Spooks into the road] My God, a TRUCK! [Spooks toward stone wall] (Thank you to the driver for not texting and slamming on your brakes)
K – Whoa, d*mn it! Don’t jump the stone wall. [Bolts into field]
G – Oooooh, an open field! Let’s go!!
K – Nope, nope, nope. That’s not our field.

Eventually we make it to the dirt road where our canters can begin.

Set 1, Minute 1
K – Whoa.
G – No
Minute 2
K – I said Whoa
G – Nope
Minute 3
K – Whoa now!
G- Not happening
Minute 4
K – Would you slow down?
G – What’s that? Faster?
Minute 5
K – God d*mn it, Whoa
G- We are still galloping. SQUIRREL!
K – You need a 6th minute
Set 2
Minute 1 
K – Whoa
G – We’ve talked about this
Minute 2 
K – For heaven’s sake, would you slow down?
G – Ask me again
Minute 3 
K – Great, horses
G – Hello there! HELLO!! Look at their tails in the air – they are so fancy. I can be fancy too. And fast.
Minutes 4 – 6
K – Baby G. Whoa!
G – I can fly!
Set 3
Minute 1 
K – Whoa
G – OK, but just a little
K – Thank God
Minute 2
G – Is that a puddle? Or a black hole straight to hell? We can’t go near that.
K – Go. Now.
G – OK….. jump, ZOOM!
Minute 3 
K – Whoa.
G – OK.
Minute 4 
K – Good boy. Whoa.
G – OK
Minute 5 
K – Good boy.
G- What was that? Rustling leaves – run!
Minute 6
K – Keep going.
G – OK.
Enjoy the ride — no matter the speed!