William Fox-Pitt Takes Time To Be A Hero

William Fox-Pitt is not just a winner in the saddle, he is a wonderful person and ambassador for our sport. Many thanks to Dennis Holmes for sending us this story of how William took a moment to be someone’s hero.  

William and D-2 Pony Clubber

William and D-2 Pony Clubber Tiernan Holmes.

From Dennis:

I have a great story attesting to the man William is. My daughter, Tiernan Holmes, is a Pony Club D2 who is volunteering at Rolex this year and was working the gate on dressage day. William saw her on his first ride and as she is very small for her age and was remaining extremely quiet, when he dismounted, he asked if she would like a picture with him. It was the experience of her life.

During his afternoon ride she was actually on the gate and he again noticed her as she was quietly clapping at the gate as he exited the arena. He graciously tipped his hat to her. An obvious winner in competition, he is truly a man of character off the horse as well as on it. Winner or not tomorrow, he is a hero to my daughter and very appreciated by a father and mother!

Thanks William Fox Pitt for making my daughter’s first Rolex experience one she will never forget!

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