Window Shopping: The Benefits of Clicking Through Equine Classifieds

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When living in Georgia years ago, I picked up the regional equine classifieds publication called Stablemates any time I visited the local feed or hardware store. I was not in the market for a new horse, I just liked looking at it. I called it my horse “porn” (I know, I know).

Over at Sport Horse Nation, we’ve received a number of emails from readers telling us that they love just looking at the site even if they are only “window shopping.” If you are not in the market for a new horse, or saddle or working student position, here are six reasons to check out Sport Horse Nation every day anyway!

  1. It’s a good reference: Professionals have told us that studying the listings on Sport Horse Nation is a great method to see what’s out there for sale in the eventing world and compare it to what they have going on in their own business. They use it to compare prices for different experience levels and ages of horses so that they might realistically price their own sale horses.
  2. Market Research: As consumers, we want to get a good deal on anything we purchase, be it a house, groceries, or a saddle. Taking a mental note of pricing will keep you abreast of the market and may assist you in the future, should one day you become ready to buy.
  3. How to Advertise: There may be bad spelling/grammar, unclear descriptions, and unflattering photos and videos in some ads. On the other hand, you’ll find many ads with thoughtful, clear, and complete descriptions. These are not written in internet speak – “Lol! He’s gr8!” The photos show the horse or product as being clean, well-cared for, and at its best, as do the videos. You will learn from viewing well-done listings compared to not-well-done listings. That’s not to say not-well-done listings are not advertising a quality product, but the appeal shines through more in a quality ad. Keep that in mind the next time you place an ad.
  4. Education: With horses, we’re learning even when we aren’t in the saddle. When you watch videos and look at photos of horses for sale, I’d be willing to bet you pass a little bit of judgment on the rider’s leg position and the horse’s tidiness with his front end, or the quality of his paces and how much the rider is affecting his way of going. As you should if you’re actually horse shopping. Take a moment and consciously study such aspects of each listing as another way of furthering your education. Personally, I have an interest in conformation and pedigrees. I review every single ad that is posted on SHN, and when I do, I am immediately drawn to consider each horse’s build. If I like what I see, I try to find the horse’s pedigree and where he comes from, making a mental note for the future. I truly learn by looking at these ads!
  5. Supporting the Sport: When you click on a banner ad or visit a website listed in an ad, you are supporting the sport. Advertisers look for clicks and impressions. Owners and sponsors want to know that the riders they support are getting some traffic and interest from the public. Plus, you’re learning about people and horses in the sport, then watching them at shows or reading their blogs, then clicking through to their sponsors’ webpages and checking out their products. Even if it seems miniscule and fruitless, your interaction supports the sport we love and the people and horses within it.
  6. Fun: Perusing the ads on SHN is plain fun. It’s wishful thinking and it fuels your dreams!

Happy horse hunting!

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