Wiseguys’ Farm and Wiseguys’ Shangri-La

If you could accuse Ronald Zabala-Goetschel of being two things you’d have to say he was crazy about his horses, and also one of the most innovative, creative minds in the business.  What he doesn’t do is anything in a small way!  Once again, inspired by Wiseguy,  he’s come up with something pretty amazing and I caught up with him at The Fork, where he was having his last run on Wise Equestrian Master Rose before Rolex, to find out more.

The official opening of the two farms is on May 1st, and you can see pictures of the walkers under construction on Ronald’s facebook page here. If anyone knows of a quiet horse who might be suitable for use as a therapy horse please get in touch with Ronald via his facebook page (above) or website, or even leave a comment below – it sounds like it would have a pretty idyllic home!

Wishing Ronald and Master Rose aka Big Boy, the best of luck at Rolex, and looking forward to hearing much more about the Wiseguys’ Farm and Shangri-La which sounds absolutely heavenly – they say it’s a dog’s life but it might be a wiseguy’s! Thanks to Ronald for chatting, thank you for reading, go book a massage and go eventing!


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