You Know You’re a Groom When…

A few of the best from the Facebook group You Know You’re a Groom When…:
* most of your t-shirts are from the various shows you been to…

* your Hunters or Dubarrys have actually seen mud 

* you know every innuendo under the sun about ‘ riding’

* no dove or nivea whatsoever are going to rescue your hands

* you get mounted by stallions when you try and be a tiny bit feminine by wearing perfume.

* spend 2 hours straightening your hair?! for who? the stallion to kick you?

* U are usually followed by a small dog!

Eventing would not happen without the dedication of the grooms who form the backbone of top eventing programs around the world.  I have no idea how they do what they do in the conditions they do it in, grooms are just made of special stuff.  


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