Your Badminton Lunchtime Video Update

Rebecca Howard and Riddle Master

This will be a very quick update — as I leave on a guided coursewalk in exactly 11 minutes during the lunch break — but in exchange for the brevity I bring you videos of all three of our North American pairs to ride so far — Clark Montgomery and Universe, Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz and, just now, Rebecca Howard and Riddle Master. Rupert has looked fantastic all spring and looked stunning today, scoring a 51.3 to tie for 20th place. Rebecca and Riddle Master are the highest-scoring North American pair thus far. This test was oh so close to being really fantastic, as Rupert was a bit tense from the beginning and desperately wanted to canter coming out of the salute to begin the trot work. But Rebecca held him together beautifully and should be very proud of this test.

Today has been survival of the fittest to bring you these videos and photos. While the ring stewards let me quietly sit wherever I wanted yesterday, today they are cracking down on seating. Thus far, I have been moved to a different seat five times; it seems no one knows where the journalists are allowed to sit today. I have to give a shoutout to a very kind steward — who will remain unnamed lest he suffer the wrath of other officials I encountered today — who heard my American accent and offered to let me move into the reserved seating to take photos and videos of our North American riders. Thank you, sir, for your kindness. Go eventing.

Dressage Videos:

Video: Clark Montgomery and Universe 

Video: Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz

Video: Rebecca Howard and Riddle Master

Note: Rebecca’s test still hasn’t finished uploading — the Badminton wifi has not been good to me thus far — so I will update this post with the video just as soon as I return from the coursewalk. And, most importantly, I’ll be back with course walk photos! Stay tuned for a full preview of the Badminton cross-country course this afternoon.


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