You’re Invited to the Biggest Party of the Winter

This is fine. Everything’s fine.

This is not a drill. Clear your schedule for Saturday, January 19th. Tease your hair. Put a cassette in your boombox and put on those acid-washed jeans. Most importantly, grab your friends. There’s an 80s party in your future, man. And while any time is a good time for an 80s party, this one also happens to be for an excellent cause.

Jon and Jenn Holling are hosting an 80s themed fundraising party at their farm in Ocala, Fla to help the Florida Horse Park raise money to build an Advanced cross-country course. And you better be there ’cause it’s gonna be fun to the max.

“The idea came up when I posted a picture of me in gold parachute pants on Facebook,” Jon said. “It seemed like a fun party idea. Then we were talking to Emily Holmes and our good friend Stacey Emory and we decided it might be a good way to help the park.”


“The area needs more advanced events to choose from and the park is always willing to step up and help the riders so we thought this would be a good chance for us to do something for the park. The goal is 75k, so we are encouraging people to donate as much as they can. That will get us the jumps, ground work for new features, and help finish off the irrigation for the course.”

There will be food (if there is baby corn, everyone is required by law to eat it like Tom Hanks in Big. Sorry, those are the rules). There will be music. There will be dancing. There will be drinks. All that’s missing is you. Doors open at 7:00 and stay open until the hairspray gives out. It’s gonna be tubular.

Just $50 gets you into the party with a DJ, open bar and heavy hor d’oeuvres. You can email Emily Homes at [email protected] or text her at (603) 970-0023 to buy a ticket ahead of time. Or, if you’re someone who can’t plan that far ahead, you can pay the exact same amount at the door. And if you’re super upset because you can’t go to the party, but still want to help the FHP, take a chill pill – you can send a donation via PayPal here.

The best dressed guest will receive a free entry to an event at the FHP, so get going on those outfits! Rumor has it that Jon and his wife, Jenn, have decided to be big hair band rockers…but you’ll just have to go the party to find out!

And for you children who are all “I was born in 2000. I don’t even really know what the 80s is. It was, like, a long time ago,” this fundraiser party extravaganza is a vital part of your education. (Also, LEG WARMERS AND HIGH-WAISTED JEANS WERE OUR THING. YOU’RE WELCOME.)

All of the details can be found here. C’mon people. Let’s help build this course and have a frickin’ blast while doing it.