2014 USEA and PRO Year End Award and Grant Recipients

Erin Sylvester and No Boundaries. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Erin Sylvester and No Boundaries. Photo by Jenni Autry.

USEA Award Recipients

USEA Horse of the Year: No Boundaries

Historical High Point Horse: Ballynoe Castle RM

USEA Young Rider of the Year: Caroline Martin

USEA Adult Amateur of the Year: Bonner Carpenter

USEA Lady Rider of the Year: Lauren Kieffer

USEA Mare of the Year: Veronica

USEA Rider of the Year: Buck Davidson

USEA Pony of the Year: Bento Box

Vintage Cup: Janet Taylor

Andrew K. Popiel Memorial Trophy: Kay and Bob Willmarth

Cornerstone Instructors Award: Nadeem Noon, Alice Sarno

Ironmaster Award: Desiree Bruce

Governors Cup: Trish Gilbert, Jon Holling, Candace Rice, Brian Sabo, Cathy Wieschhoff

Wofford Cup: Bobby Costello

Worth the Trust Scholarships:

Young Adult: Rebecca Barber

Adult Amateur: Kate Vane

Groom Award: Sarah Braun

Charles Owen Technical Merit Award

Junior: Shelby Brost

Senior: Emily DiMaria

USEA Grant Recipients

$5,000 Beacon Charm Grant: Alex Ahearn

$10,000 Essex Grant: Libby Head

$10,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing National Rider Grant: Jen McFall

$30,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing International Rider Grant: Matt Brown

USEA National Awards

Beginner Novice

Young Adult Rider: Alana Aho

Horse: Strider Can Fly

Junior Rider: Olivia Hayes

Adult & Adult Amateur Rider: Jenna Calcattera

Master & Master Amateur Rider: Julia Skains


Adult Amateur Rider: Julie Poveromo

Master Amateur Rider: Cherye Huber

Junior Rider: Alexa Gartenberg

Young Adult Rider: Michael Willham

Adult Amateur Rider: Cora Shillinglaw

Adult Rider: Corinna Garcia

Master Rider: Madeline Bletzacker

Horse: Landtino S


Junior Rider (tie): Mikensey Johansen, Alexandra Scannell

Young Adult Rider: Claire Gordon

Master Rider & Master Amateur Rider: Bari Boersma

Horse: Filibuster ST


Master Rider: Phillip Dutton

Horse: Tsetserleg

Junior Rider: Allie Nelson

Adult Amateur Rider: Mary Hollis Baird

Master Amateur Rider: Ruth Bley


Young Rider: Bailey Moran

Adult Amateur Rider: Ellie Van Gemeren

Horse: Twizted Syster

Master Amateur Rider: Peter Blauner


Master Amateur Rider: Kevin Keane

Adult Amateur Rider: Rachel McDonough

PRO Award Recipients

As You Like It Owner’s Award: Jennifer Mosing

PRO U25 Leaderboard Champion: Lizzie Snow

PRO Tour Horse Leaderboard Champion: Copper Beech

My Boy Bobby Award: Cassie and Carl Segal, Sherrie and Randy Martin

PRO Liz Cochran Memorial Groom’s Award Honoree: Stacey Driscoll

Intermediate Multi Radiance Challenge: Buck Davidson

Triple Crown JYR PRO Scholarship Award – West Coast: Madison Langerak, Sydney Rice

Triple Crown JYR PRO Scholarship Award – East Coast: Jamie Miess, Margo Goldfarb