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Tattersalls CCI3* leaders Sam Griffiths and Favorit Z. Photo by Libby Law Photography.
It was a stiff day of competition in the CCI3* at Tattersalls in Ireland today. North American riders are represented in nearly every division this weekend, and Buck Davidson with Carl and Cassie Segal and...
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Boyd Martin and Otis Barbotiere at Luhmühlen. Photo by Jenni Autry.
After sending Otis Barbotiere to Florida earlier this year to be tried as a jumper mount, Boyd Martin confirmed that his London Olympic mount has been leased to Ali Boone, a young jumper rider from...
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Caroline Martin and the infamous Nacho all bundled up at Tattersalls in Ireland.
This weekend, I’m becoming a girl for a whole night and doing an incredibly not-horsey thing: going to my college roommate’s black tie wedding! All I ever do is have my hair in a messy...
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We have begun excitedly refreshing YouTube when we hear that Ingrid Klimke was out competing over a weekend, as her helmet cams with SAP Analysis have been a huge hit for fans all over the...
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Stefanie Brand and Claudius. Photo via Stefanie on Facebook.
We’re pleased to report that Stefanie Brand was released from the hospital in Atlanta last week after undergoing surgery to place a plate on her broken collarbone sustained after a rotational fall at CHC International...
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“That’s it. That’s it.” I will have the sound of George Morris’ voice ingrained in my head, repeating this encouragement as his clinic participants followed his instruction and earned his praise. If you’ve ever had the...
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Julia Krajewski and Samourai du Thot. Photo by Lutz Kaiser/
Yes, I know … it’s a running gag by now to assume that Michael Jung wins everything. He doesn’t. But he still got oh so close. The city of Wiesbaden hosted its annual Whitsun Horse...
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Silva Martin, looking both gorgeous and adorable, is officially sporting a baby Martin bump! Photo courtesy of Boyd Martin.
Everyone take a second and keep the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and any other states hard hit by the rains in your thoughts. I grew up in San Antonio, and the last time it flooded...
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Devon Hunt Night is a popular night for those attending and competing at the popular Pennsylvania hunter/jumper show. It seems that each year, a team of eventers tackles the hunter ring on Hunt Night. Last...
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Kate Chadderton and Buckharo. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Aside from nutrition and shoeing, fitness is the most important part of a performance horses program. I rate it above training. For a horse to answer the questions you ask him on the flat and...
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