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Nicholson. Andrew Nicholson. He’s cooler than an icy martini, shaken or stirred. More chill than any secret agent. Let’s see Bond ride that drop one-handed, looking for all the world like he’s out for a...
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The rider’s name is … Kitty Cat? A wave of hushed shock rippled through the Ocala eventing community yesterday when ride times were posted for the Florida Horse Park Dressage, Jumper & 3-Phase Show, to...
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Caitlin Silliman and Remington XXV at Plantation Field. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Caitlin Silliman announced today that Densey and Ron Juvonen’s Remington XXV will retire from the upper levels to enjoy the next chapter of his career with Camilla Grover-Dodge, the Juvonen’s granddaughter. This marks the end of...
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We’re all familiar with the old adage of wrapping our horses in bubble wrap before a big event. With Rolex right around the corner, I’m sure most if not all of the riders are watching...
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To give you final nudge to enter to win a pair of Dubarry Roscommon and Kerry Boots I took matters into my own hands to create a Perfect Rolex Outfit. Not for me, but for my new...
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People have funny ways of organizing time inside their head. I know a historian who can tell you the date of pretty much anything from memory — like, you’d be walking down the sidewalk with...
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Definitely not where anyone wants to end up! Photo from Joe Meyer's Facebook page.
We’d like to send some EN jingles to eventer Joe Meyer, who separated his pelvis after an involuntary dismount from a young horse earlier this week. Joe will be out of commission for awhile while...
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Denis Glaccum, center, presenting a donation to True Prospect Farm in the wake of the deadly fire in 2012 on behalf of Plantation Field.
We were honored to receive this week’s vintage photo and really enjoyed seeing all of your guesses! How do you think you did? The rider pictured below is … … Denis Glaccum! Denis kindly shared this...
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Nothing completes a Perfect Rolex Outfit better than two things that ensure the future of our beloved sport: A pony-crazed kid and a wallet stuffed with credit cards! Today’s featured fashionista in this week’s quest...
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Professor Max will be teaching at The Event College at Rolex! Photo by Samantha Clark.
The Professional Horseman’s Council has announced that it will be presenting a new program called The Event College at Rolex this year. Designed to introduce more people to the sport, even those really knowledgeable about the...
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