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Donner and Anthony Patch twinning at Burghley. Phot via USEF High Performance FB page.
It’s Burghley week! While not quite as exciting to us Americans as Rolex week, Burghley is still a fantastic reason to use the Ctrl+Tab buttons on my keyboard at work, attempting to watch our American...
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She’s at it again! Marion de Vogel has already blown us away with her videography from Millbrook, and now she’s put together another highlight reel from this past weekend’s Town Hill Farm Horse Trials in...
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Tamie Smith and Mai Baum. Photo by Sally Spickard.
The first weekend in September is always a busy one, with three different events running Advanced or three-star sections (plus the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials across the pond!). Five Points has the eastern market...
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Chinch sports his sharp and safe new cross country attire designed and made by Deborah Taylor, Nicki Carson, and David Taylor. Photo by David Taylor
It has become very apparent that we have let our furry comrade go without for too long. Since all of us here at Eventing Nation are all about safety and always wearing a helmet (#mindyourmelon), we...
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Tredstep rider Elisa Wallace layered up in preparation for the Bareback Puissance at Chatt Hills this weekend — after all, it makes things more interesting if riders have to remove an article of clothing in...
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William Fox-Pitt and Ramdam de Mons survey the Gatcombe 2015 Intermediate Show Jumping Course
After Hartpury, Gatcombe is my closest major eventing venue. One of the things I love about Gatcombe is that, unlike Burghley, I know where the Advanced Land Rover car park is. So armed with this...
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Looking at Burghley House (and Laine Ashker and Anthony Patch) through Luckaun Quality's ears. Photo by Tim Bourke.
Happy Burghley week! We’re waiting with barely suppressed impatience for the big fall CCI4* to begin, which it will on Wednesday with the First Horse Inspection. This weekend, the U.S. and U.S.-based pairs made their...
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Enter to win a Total Saddle Fit Six Point Saddle Pad with Wither Freedom!
Your horse will breathe a sigh of contentment when you saddle up in the highly popular Total Saddle Fit Six Point Saddle Pad with Wither Freedom Technology — and for good reason! Similar to the...
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Cross training is so important for event horses. Through targeted practice in the different phases, cross training helps our horses be well rounded and ready to take on any challenge that faces them! Kate Chadderton...
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Photo used with permission from CANTER Illinois.
It’s getting increasingly harder to limit each week’s wishlist to just three OTTBs! There are so many quality horses out there waiting to be picked up with a clean slate and ready to go in...
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