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Kids these days....they have a lot more motivation to ride in this weather than me!
I heard yesterday that by January 17th, most people have already broken or given up on their New Year’s Resolutions, so if you’re here with me on the 18th still going strong, congrats! You are already...
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After watching this helmet cam on Horse Nation of a snow white, 14.2-hand Connemara named Prince gamely tackling cross country, I had to know more: WHO IS THIS PONY?!?! A little research turned up that he...
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'Tis the season for learning stuff! Sinead Halpin braved 20-something temps to teach a clinic at Road Less Traveled Eventing    earlier this year. Photo by Katherine McDonough.
What’s Happening is EN’s guide to lessons, clinics, schooling shows and other riding and educational opportunities during the winter. It’s free to post a listing. Just email the date, location, contact information and any other details to...
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Photo by Madison Givens.
Are you an ammy-adult eventer who struggles with motivation during the winter months? Madison Givens feels your pain. She is embarking upon her own winter fitness and accountability journey, and taking EN along for the...
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Sir. What is going on here. How did this happen.
Yesterday I got on my young horse, and after three days off because of full snow coverage, I knew within approximately 10 seconds that I had to get off and go get the lunge line....
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Photo by Gabriele Metz.
In this excerpt from Dressage School, rider, trainer, and judge Britta Schöffmann explains in the simplest terms why riding down the centerline is more than a start and end to a dressage test. Riding Down...
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Kevin Wynne an internet sensation Kevin Wynne is what racing is all about. A 75yo Clerk of the Course, working his heart out to keep everyone out of harm's way… Show some love for Kev...
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Photo via Natalie Hollis' FB page.
Look, the center of the eventing world might have shifted to warmer climes where migrated riders think 50 degrees is cold, but up here there’s quite a lot of fun still to be had. Destination...
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“There’s nothing like partnering with an animal that is used to describe every kind of power that travels.” “When you’re flying around on the top of an animal, you can’t imagine doing anything else. You...
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The US Equestrian Annual Meeting took place last week on January 9th-12th, 2019 in West Palm Beach, Florida. In case you missed it, check out our recap of the events’ proceedings from the 9th and...
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