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Photo via Maker's Mark Secretariat Center.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Know what makes a really great gift? A sexy new off-track thoroughbred. Here are three that caught our eye this week: You know that feel you get when you’re in love and...
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There is a lot of action to catch up on if you weren’t able to watch any of the Ocala Horse Properties Winter II event this weekend. We saw a lot of horses out for...
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Love or hate Valentine’s Day, it’s nevertheless an opportunity to express love for our two- and four-legged partners. Luckily for most equestrians, our horses are our main love, so it’s no surprise that social media...
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This could be you! After your barn duties are done, of course.
It’s the time of year when eventers who live in a climate where terrible things like snow and sub-freezing temperatures are a regular occurrence are packing their tack trunks and heading south for the winter....
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An early spring? Photo from Christina Underwood's Facebook page
Happy Valentines Day, EN! It has been a gorgeous week here in Northern California. The weather has been in the low 70s and it’s almost been enough to make you forget that we’re supposed to get...
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With 2016 being an Olympic year, we’ve all got the podium on our minds. While we’re in the mood, our friend David Robinson posted some great throwback footage of the 2004 Athens cross country for...
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photo by: dregsplod
Horse girls are different. We don’t think like “normal” people. Our main boy toy is probably our gelding, we never mind getting dirty, and we’re tough as nails. You can say what you want about...
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Newstead Manor at Newstead on the James. Photo provided by Carol Carper.
This post originally appeared on our sister site, Horse Nation. Did you miss out on last year’s opportunities to wordsmith your way to ownership of Rock Spring Farm or Big South Fork Lodge? Don’t worry,...
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Our USEF Eventing Team Show Jumping Coach Silvio Mazzoni came to the dark side this weekend and completed Training at Ocala! Photo from Hannah Sue Burnett
One of the big challenges for someone involved in any sort of sporting endeavor is choosing the right coach. On top of having the required knowledge, the teaching style of the coach has to mesh...
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Colleen Rutledge, Kim Severson and Peter Barry emerged as the big winners today across the three Intermediate divisions at Pine Top Horse Trials in Thomson, Georgia, which packed in more than 50 horses between them....
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