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One of the most important things to do at an event! Stacy Meredith spent some time shooting pictures at Spokane Sporthorse yesterday.  Photo from Stacy Meredith's Facebook Page
Even if you aren’t competing, there is so much to do and learn at an event. One great way to learn is to sit behind a camera and shoot pictures all day. It exposes you...
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Andrew Nicholson and Nereo at WEG. Photo by Jenni Autry.
An article published today on the New Zealand Herald provides more details on Andrew Nicholson’s recovery from a frightening fall at the last fence at Gatcombe in August. Riding Cillnabradden Evo, Andrew fell and originally...
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Morven Park officials have decided that CIC cross country will not run tomorrow as scheduled, and all horse trials divisions have been downgraded to a combined test....
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Kate Chadderton and VS McCuan Civil Liberty. Photo by Samantha Clark.
“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes...
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View image | Following one of the biggest music festivals in the U.S., Chatt Hills organizer Hugh Lochore has released a statement saying that the October Horse Trials, the final event of the season...
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Guess who's expecting? Photo from Andrea Leatherman Davidson's Facebook Page
Guess who’s expecting! Buck and Andrea announced some very big and very exciting news today. I must admit, with all of the Eventer-Babies having been born in the last few years I find myself imagining...
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We can all use a little inspiration, so here’s a bit from New Zealand rider Jonelle Price. We’re loving this hype video from the NZ Olympics Facebook page! As Jonelle aims for Rio next year,...
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Tik Maynard and Dutch Times. Photo courtesy of Ben Radvanyi.
The Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge will return once again to The Royal Horse Show in Toronto, and the event has named some of the riders that will compete for $20,000 in prize money on November 6 and 7....
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Robin Thomas completes her first Training level HT with her own Guisseppe's Picture. Photo courtesy of Lee Ann Zobbe.
Lee Ann Zobbe sent us this picture, as a shot that explains what our sport is about, and I think it’s pretty fantastic. Her student, Robin Thomas, had a goal of going Training level for...
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Cutest. Thing. EVER! Show this little girl and her pon some support! Always love hearing a crowd cheer not for ribbons and medals, but just for sheer resilience to give up. #nobodystoppingthisponytrain Posted by Trot-Shots...
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