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No one before, and no one since, has had more fun on the Virginia Horse Trials cross country course than Mellisa Warden and her OTTB Cantilator (Delineator – Charla, by Taj Alriyadh). It was 2010...
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Erik Duvander at the Puhinui International Three Day Event. Photo by Libby Law Photography.
After spending the past 10 years as High Performance Coach of the New Zealand Eventing Team, Erik Duvander will step down from the role at the end of this month, Equestrian Sports New Zealand announced yesterday....
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Missy Miller & Limited Edition at the VAHT jogs yesterday. Photo courtesy of the VAHT Fb Page.
The Virginia Horse Trials will forever be my “hometown” event, even though I live over the mountain from the Horse Center. The Virginia Horse Center is where I did my very first unrecognized eventing competitions...
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How do the magicians who create CGI movies “build” horses? Like you might imagine, they start with the skeleton and work their way out! I’ll admit that I was a child of the animated Disney...
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Are you and your horse prepared for winter? Photo by / Creative Commons
It’s beginning to be that time of year — you know, where you look to the pile of blankets and groan. When the hair starts piling on your horse’s coat and the sweat will soon...
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Sometimes you gotta get REAL creative to reach that green grass. Photo by Tylir Penton.
Clipping season has me driving home at 2pm on a weekday and looking in the mirror to find that I am, in fact, sporting a beard. Having just body clipped two horses in a row...
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We’ve been loving all of the helmet cams EN readers submitted this week from the Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event & Team Challenge. This popular event hosted at the Kentucky Horse Park attracts a slew of competitors,...
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The Pro Performance boot series includes these cross country boots and overreach boots which are lightweight but very durable and protective. Photo by Kate Samuels.
The market for cross country boots has become very competitive in the past few years, as riders are demanding better protection for their prized partners, and Professional’s Choice has responded with leg care that is...
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You could be the next Marilyn Payne! Photo by Jenni Autry.
Did you know that there is a shortage of eventing officials in the U.S.? Technical delegates, judges and course designers play a critical role in our sport, and as our current group of wonderful officials retire,...
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The mini-ons in the Breed Show at KY Horse Park are ready for Halloween! Photo via The Kentucky Horse Park FB page.
And cue the adorable costumes! For the next few days I expect social media will be awash with photos of kids, ponies, dogs, and drunk people dressed up as things they are not. I have...
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