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Rachel Medley riding Hope the Wonderhorse. Photo via Facebook.
When Hope the Wonderhorse was rescued from severe neglect almost one year ago, it was uncertain whether she would survive. The prospect of her one day becoming a riding horse was not even considered for...
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I still smirk whenever a non-horse person foolishly declares that a horse is not as intelligent as other domesticated animals. Certainly, horse¬†intelligence is a different sort of intelligence from a dog or cat, but there’s...
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You have to see this great save sent to us by Amy Langeler of her 9-year-old daughter, Naomi, and her horse Max. Naomi was finishing her course in a lesson when Max left a little...
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Fire Fly, a 5-year-old sold at today's Boekelo KWPN auction for $32,000. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
Event horse auctions don’t happen so much in the States but in Europe it’s definitely a thing. Have a glass of wine! Have another! Fall in love! Have one more glass of wine! Open your...
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Mo’ horses, mo’ problems. Here are 30 more of your realest eventing struggles. If you missed them: Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,...
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Ronald Zabala-Goetschel has another winner today in the 3 year-old east coast championship division, Wise Pirello. Photo courtesy of USEA FB
Oh my goodness thank god it’s Friday! I am so very ready for a few free hours this weekend in which I can do absolutely nothing! My idea of a vacation is nothingness plus sleeping,...
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Did you know that yawning can be a symptom of excitement, physical discomfort, or even fear in a horse? Photo by Andrew Lever.
I’m a creature of habit, and it seems like the same can be said of my horses. It seems like every time I’m untacking after a ride, that my young gelding Rufus starts yawning. No...
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JM Durr made the trip all the way from California to North Carolina to campaign some sales horses on the hunter/jumper circuit at Tryon International this fall. Aside from eventing through the CCI3* level, JM...
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Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
Buck Davidson and Copper Beach got the ball rolling this morning and the girls came out to play this afternoon at the Boekelo CCIO3*. First up… Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous (45.50, 11th) Marilyn and...
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Will Faudree and Hans Dampf. Photo courtesy of Allie Conrad Photography.
Will Faudree is recovering from neck surgery after he sustained an injury following a fall at Five Points last month. He broke the C6 and C7 vertebrae in his neck after falling from Hans Dampf...
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