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'Tis the season for learning stuff! Sinead Halpin braved 20-something temps to teach a clinic at Road Less Traveled Eventing    earlier this year. Photo by Katherine McDonough.
What’s Happening is EN’s guide to lessons, clinics, schooling shows and other riding and educational opportunities during the winter. It’s free to post a listing. Just email the date, location, contact information and any other details to...
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Rocking Horse Stable’s winter event series rolls on with its Winter II H.T. taking place this weekend. The upper-level divisions are done and dusted, with several Novice and Beginner Novice divisions still unfolding this afternoon....
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Free jumping a horse is a great way to see what kind of scope they might be bringing to the table. Some thrive in this structured environment, others don’t know quite what to do with...
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Eventers are a resourceful bunch. Cash-strapped and feeling thrifty, you'll see many clever endeavors under the #EventerSolutions hashtag. ...
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Photo: Pixabay/CC.
Horse Nation contributor, equestrian and certified life coach Julie Saillant understands the dark downward spiral that can mentally hobble an equestrian after injury. ...
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Downright idyllic. Photo by Abby Powell.
This week I’ve gotten to check something off my eventing bucket list: I’ve now experienced Aiken! Granted, it’s only been for a couple days, but I think I’ve gotten a good taste of what it’s all...
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Ahh, Valentine’s Day – that most contentious of ‘holidays’. Once again, it’s come and gone, leaving pink and red devastation and more than a little bit of romantic ennui in its wake. (But hey, also...
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Photo courtesy of Trafalgar Square Books.
Use this “5-Minute Fix” from biomechanics expert Wendy Murdoch’s 40 5-Minute Jumping Fixes to establish good thigh contact and a solid base of support over fences. Next time you ride, pay attention to your thighs....
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Jen Johnson in the tack and Sarah Broussard skiing in the 2017 Skijoring at Rebecca Farm costume class. Photo by Tommy Diegel Photography.
Mother Nature grants requests on her own terms and timelines, and she declined Rebecca Farm’s initial plea for sufficient snow to host its second annual skijoring competition in late December. Better late than never, though,...
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Can you guess which upper level eventing power couple got this romantic Valentine's Day pair of tattoos? (I'll ruin it for you, photo red Kyle Carter).
I celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday by riding, teaching, feeding carrots to my ponies, dragging my ring and setting new jumps, hanging out with dogs, cleaning the barn, eating pasta, and taking photos. Honestly, sounds like...
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