Jessie Phoenix, WFP, and Zara Phillips comparing baby photos. Photo courtesy of Karen O'Connor.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that some of our favorite upper-level riders, competitors, trainers, clinicians, and all-around equestrian professionals also have lives outside of horses. Like family lives, for instance! Karen O’Connor sent us this...
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Drop whatever it is you’re doing and check out this ridiculously awesome Rolex music video provided to us by Madison Harris and her friends. They brought their A game to the Kentucky Horse Park this...
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It's 5 o'clock somewhere!
One of the magical things about being a #RK3DE spectator is that you can start drinking as early as you want and no one will judge you. Nary an eyebrow raised when I dove into...
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With another #RK3DE officially in the books, it’s time to rehash the results and gnaw on the data. It certainly proved to be an interesting and influential event for Team USA on a number of...
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Michael Jung and FischerRocana FST. Photo by Rare Air Photography.
We received a huge amount of entries for this year’s Rolex Pick ‘Em contest, presented by Omega Alpha. Your picks to win ranged from the obvious (Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam) to the underdog...
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As if Michael Jung needed more prize money to line his pockets with — ok, who are we kidding, there is never enough prize money to support this habit of ours! — the mixed European...
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This image never gets old. #foreverjung. 
Photo by Julia Rau
One of my my favorite parts of the whole week at Rolex Kentucky was looking up at the jumbotron in the Rolex Arena moments after Michael Jung had won the event on his first attempt,...
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Sinead Halpin teams up with Michael Pollard to lead the charge in Sunday’s episode. Sorry, Hannah fans. Hannah probably had to get back to riding horses, or something. #shemichaeligans #nothesameringtoit Go Eventing....
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Our friends at the USEF Network have posted all of the Rolex show jumping rounds, on-demand. Click here to see the full selection, for your viewing pleasure. [Results] 1st Place: 3rd place going into the...
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As it always is with this particular weekend at the end of April, the range of emotional experiences has been, for lack of a better phrase, off the hook. With highs and lows to the...
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