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Camille of Camelot. Photo from Karen Battaglia's Facebook page
Shh… don’t be too loud. West Coasters are waking up this morning after what can only be described as an epic competitor party at Camelot’s inaugural recognized event. Today is cross country day and the...
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Do you currently have a horse who gets spooky and tense in warm-up or other situations? Who better to give some timely advice than William Fox-Pitt himself? In this ‘Tips From the Top’ video from...
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I don't think that my horses enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks display nearly as much as I do. Creative Commons photo.
Happy (almost) Fourth of July! Since I’m somewhat red, white and blue obsessed, I definitely love Independence Day. It is first and foremost a day to be thankful for the freedoms that we are lucky...
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The calm before the ... party?
Get your party pants on, people! Chatt Hills’ host site, Bouckaert Farm, is bringing the heat this weekend with a competitor’s party to end all competitor’s parties. As you may know, the property has been used...
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Camelot Equestrian Park in Butte Valley, California. Photo by CEPF.
As most equestrians are aware, the loss of land is a serious problem when looking at the future of our sport. This is why this weekend in Butte Valley, California, is so exciting — not...
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Don't you want to see a GoAlGo Pro video of Burghley?? Photo courtesy of Lainey Ashker.
Fourth of July weekend coming up!! Pretty excited to see a friend become a U.S. citizen early tomorrow morning at Monticello, then ride my horses in the middle of the day, and then go to...
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Photo courtesy of New Vocations.
As I look back on my personal journey with my own OTTB, I can’t help but wonder at the sense of pride that comes from producing a horse yourself. Until this horse, I’ve spent more...
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Shannon Kinsley and David O'Connor at Bramham. Photo by Samantha Clark.
As I sit here trying to collect my thoughts on all of the awesome things that happened two weeks ago on our trip overseas to Bramham, it honestly feels like it was forever ago or...
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Blackberries: he loves them!!
In a lot of ways, summer in Virginia can be almost insufferable. The heat combined with the humidity makes a lot of my outdoor work days pretty gross, and when I get home at the...
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The Event at Rebecca Farm is just around the corner and, as if the event could get any more action packed, the addition of a CCI3* division this year is sure to bring some heavy...
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