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Photo courtesy of New Vocations.
As I look back on my personal journey with my own OTTB, I can’t help but wonder at the sense of pride that comes from producing a horse yourself. Until this horse, I’ve spent more...
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This has to be one of the coolest things we’ve seen in awhile. If you’ve ever played those Equestriad-type computer games, you’ll be just as excited about this. Racewood Equestrian Simulators has designed an eventing...
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Phillip Dutton and Icabad Crane schooling at True Prospect Farm this week. Photo by Maggie Kimmitt.
Graham and Anita Motion’s Icabad Crane has been easily progressing through the levels with Phillip Dutton since beginning his eventing career last year, and he’s now slated to make his one-star debut at Plantation Field International...
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Shannon Kinsley and David O'Connor at Bramham. Photo by Samantha Clark.
As I sit here trying to collect my thoughts on all of the awesome things that happened two weeks ago on our trip overseas to Bramham, it honestly feels like it was forever ago or...
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Blackberries: he loves them!!
In a lot of ways, summer in Virginia can be almost insufferable. The heat combined with the humidity makes a lot of my outdoor work days pretty gross, and when I get home at the...
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The Event at Rebecca Farm is just around the corner and, as if the event could get any more action packed, the addition of a CCI3* division this year is sure to bring some heavy...
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The Pro Performance Cross Country Boot boasts a waterproof mesh outer layer that allows air cooling action. Photo by Kate Samuels.
If you’re an eventer, there are a lot of things that define you but none so much as your enthusiasm for the cross country phase. As such, our passion involves getting super serious about the...
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It’s been a hard fought battle, but in the end only one can come out on top. We’ve once again been privileged to have a multitude of quality entries to sift through in our 5th...
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Will Coleman's working students working hard, or hardly working. Photo via Will's FB page.
Will Coleman took the opportunity of a summer breather to give a shout out to his working students. We all know how hard these young men and women work, toiling away rain, shine, heat, or...
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Ben Hobday and Baroque Du Vi leap into the first water on the Equi-Trek Bramham CCI3* cross country — yehboi! Photo by Samantha Clark.
The eventing community has responded with overwhelming support after Ben Hobday announced on social media tonight that he has been diagnosed with cancer....
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