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The eventing community worldwide has rallied in support of Ben Hobday, who announced last week that he has been diagnosed with cancer. Ben is continuing to undergo testing and has begun chemo treatments, according to...
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The struggle is real, y’all. Here’s an extra-deluxe edition of #EventerProblems to help you feel less alone in your pain. If you missed them: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part...
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Kate Chadderton and Buckharo. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Each day I set out with a purpose for each horse. It may be to improve their medium trot or shape over a fence — the idea is that you practice what you’re not good...
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Photo via Bucas Blankets.
It seems that an unusually wet spring has made for a particularly “buzzy” summer, if you know what I mean. It’s definitely fly sheet season, you guys. I’m sure this is a giant news flash...
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Unless I’ve got a place to go where I’m going to stay the whole night, I generally try to hunker down at home on July 4th. I was forced out of my comfort zone this...
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As you take I-75 exit 120 and begin the short drive down Iron Works Pike to the entrance of the Kentucky Horse Park, the highly visible white plank fencing has long been an invariable symbol...
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Nominations are now open for the annual FEI Awards, which serve to honor the world’s exceptional equestrians and salute excellence, courage, commitment and dedication in the sport. “Our sport is unique and extraordinary,” FEI President...
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It was a good day at Camelot. My mare was on her A-Game, I didn't suck and we got some awesome pictures. Photo by Stephanie Nicora
I might be starting today last in my division at Camelot, but I’m still thrilled with the weekend so far. Sure our Dressage was it’s typical underwhelming performance, but yesterday’s cross country more than made up...
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Happy Fourth of July, EN! We hope you have a fun and safe evening chowing down on burgers and dogs, watching fireworks, playing with sparklers (my favorite!) and celebrating America’s independence. Happy Fourth of July!...
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In life, Seema Sonnad gave immeasurably to the sport she loved and to her friends. So after she is gone, we just can’t stop her legacy, so those of us who loved and respected her...
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