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Cross training is so important for event horses. Through targeted practice in the different phases, cross training helps our horses be well rounded and ready to take on any challenge that faces them! Kate Chadderton...
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Photo used with permission from CANTER Illinois.
It’s getting increasingly harder to limit each week’s wishlist to just three OTTBs! There are so many quality horses out there waiting to be picked up with a clean slate and ready to go in...
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Buzzterbrown was spotted at the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Horse Trials yesterday, and true to form he’s posted another great video montage from the Intermediate cross country action. Marilyn Little took home both first and...
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An 18,000 person crowd had eyes for none other than the Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, on Saturday afternoon at Saratoga. After a grueling spring tour that won him the coveted Triple Crown, Pharoah came...
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Chattahoochee Hills once again offered a bareback puissance challenge yesterday evening during their August horse trials. ...
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Jon Holling and Downtown Harrison. Photo by Samantha Clark.
Jon Holling said all he needed heading into show jumping at Chatt Hills this morning was to read Maggie’s By the Numbers predictions once more. While he was only kidding, we’re still thrilled to see...
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Winter is coming.
(And body clips, and quarter sheets, and riding in the dark, and hot chocolate, and audiobooks, and gloves and beanies and blanketing and barn jackets)
I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that I’m losing a minute of daylight every few days. Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and with it, the end of summer. Autumn means earlier sunsets and...
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The KER ClockIt Sport App is revolutionizing equine fitness one download at a time. By providing vital health data to horse owners, riders and trainers, the KER ClockIt Sport App is giving us new ways...
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What happens with you pit Francis Whittington, Izzy Taylor and Gemma Tattersall against each other in a tough quiz on European Championships? This video is all the evidence you need that UK eventers know how...
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From American Pharoah's Facebook Page
Everyone loves a hero. American Pharoah takes to the track again today for the Travers Stakes. While I was glad to see him win the Triple Crown, I must admit that I’m getting more and...
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