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Anna Robinson and Oz the Tin Man. Photo by Katy Groesbeck.
After moving her fledgling business to Ohio, Katy Groesbeck set about making plans for her future, with the first order of business being to figure out what’s next for her upper-level partner Oz the Tin Man. Coming...
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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Photo from Mara Whitten's Facebook page
It was certainly one of those weekends where I feel like I need to go to work to recover from it. I stayed out far too late last night at Tack Warehouse’s annual barn party...
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It seems that every horse person’s dream is to go riding in Ireland. We see countless equestrian vacations geared towards the Irish at heart and constantly find ourselves drooling over Irish sale ads or auction...
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There’s nothing that says “horse person” quite as much as the sensation of a buzzing clipper in your hand for two hours straight, wearing a rain coat and rain pants inside the barn, and sneezing...
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Stephanie Kleinbauer and KO Aiken. Photo courtesy of Kathleen Haak.
Standing just shy of 13.2 hands high (not including his traditionally-cut, yet totally rocking, mane), KO Aiken is an adorable Norwegian Fjord whose charming personality and love of jumping make him a definite “horse of a...
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Pedro Gutiérrez  (MEX) Racques Biats. Photo courtesy of Phyllis Dawson.
Medal positions remained unchanged after the cross country competition yesterday at the Central American games. Guatemala leads the way in gold medal position on a cumulative score of 148.10....
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Old friends back together again! Photo from Lauren Sutkus' Facebook page
For a time, I taught riding lessons at a barn that was very much oriented towards beginners. While I was there, I made a lot of friends. Most of the riders who were there when I was...
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Photo courtesy of New Vocations.
CANTER bridges the gap between the race and sport world; we offer a safe outlet for retiring ex-racehorses and an opportunity for sport and pleasure riders to find quality prospects well below their market value,...
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Avery Klunick and It It to Win It. Photo by Sally Spickard.
Avery Klunick had a great season competing at the Advanced level in 2014 and has taken to her blog to reflect on her growing career. She’s graciously agreed to share her blog post with us....
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Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz. Photo by Jenni Autry.
One of the most popular chestnuts on the scene, Shiraz, has officially made his return to work after suffering a shoulder strain at Rolex this spring. Colleen Rutledge and “Luke” went over to Sharon White’s...
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