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Sometimes all you need is a little mid-morning snuggle with your mini donk on Thanksgiving.
Well, now that we’ve all gained at least ten pounds yesterday stuffing our faces full of mashed potatoes and turkey and gravy and stuffing and pie and all the ridiculously delicious things that are served...
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Happy Thanksgiving, EN! As is tradition on Turkey Day, we’re taking a look back on our posts from years past. It’s hard to believe this is our seventh year! From John’s very first Thanksgiving post in...
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Buck Davidson at Plantation Field. Thank you, everyone! Photo by Holly Covey.
We thank the founders of our sport who had a vision and never stopped dreaming that Americans could do this sport, against most of what the rest of the world thought. We thank the first...
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Ugly sweater supermodels Boyd Martin and Dom Schramm.
Nobody brings the party like eventers, which is why we’ve been asked to host the grand finale of Horse Radio Network’s 2015 holiday radiothon. EN’s own Jenni Autry and Leslie Wylie … … will be emceeing the...
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ve already had one Thanksgiving, and I’m on to two more today, as my tradition dictates the I have one with my extended family and one with my best friend’s family. I...
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Get ready for some goosebumps. SlingShot Productions teamed up with Zimbabwe-born event rider Camilla Kruger, ...
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A collection of Tori Traube's clip jobs.
We asked, you delivered. Clipping season is in full swing, and you all are getting super creative with your clip jobs this winter! Keep those submissions coming by emailing sally@eventingnation or tagging us on Instagram...
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Serendipity enjoying some down time in the warmth of the sun at Sunset Hill at McCuan Farms. Photo by Kaitlyn Goodman
There are very few things that will warm you heart more than getting a picture from a friend of your horse enjoying their life. Knowing she is hanging in the field, enjoying her down time and...
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A few rounds from last week’s Indoor Derby at the Stuttgart German Masters are beginning to pop up, and we’re enjoying reliving the action from an exciting night of competition. The course was set at...
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It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new episode of “If Horses Were People” from our friends at SmartPak, but this new video is worth the wait! What is your horse like at mealtime? We’re...
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