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Photo via Booli Selmar - Fox Valley Sport Horses on Facebook.
We’re sending heaps of healing vibes and well wishes to Booli Selmayr, who has been in the ICU since Sunday with a myriad of internal injuries after a freak accident on one of her horses. It’s been...
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Clarke Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation. Photo courtesy of the Australian International 3DE.
New Zealand’s Clarke Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation are heading up the leaderboard at the conclusion of Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3DE dressage. Their score of 45.9 was good enough to top the 20 horse field....
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The Friday video might as well be sponsored by Reitschule Jung, because the Terminator has been garnering some serious airtime recently. Last week, we delved into the secret to Michi’s success, and this week, we...
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Mounted falconry or hawking is quite possibly one of the most [email protected]$$ disciplines in existence. In some parts of the world, such as Mongolia, it’s not so much a fun leisure sport as a legitimate...
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When you're literally the cutest Turkey that has ever existed. Photo by Kate Samuels.
Do you ever feel like maybe you own the cutest horse in the entire world? I do. Twice over, really, because Nyls is the original model horse, but his little protege, Turkey, is actually the...
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Andrew Nicholson and Qwanza pick the right moment for a PB. Photo by Tilly Berendt.
William Micklem shares reflections and observations from attending the Pau CCI4* in this three part series. Look for Part 2 tomorrow! 1) It takes a team …. It takes a team to realise the dream,...
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Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda. Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.
In only its second year of existence, Ocala Jockey Club International has managed to draw one of the strongest North American fields of the year. The draw of having a CIC3* so late in the...
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Photo courtesy of Emily Oakes.
The 2028 U.S. Eventing Team is already out there somewhere, and it’s up to us all to nurture their talent and their big dreams. “2028 Olympic Talent Watch” is an (adorable) new series in which...
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Photo by Shannon Brinkman, shared by Ocala Jockey Club 3 Day Event FB.
There is something completely entrancing about photos from the jog where the horse is staring directly at the camera. Forget the people, that’s not interesting to me, but horses? When they seem to know exactly...
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Rylee Gailey and Dukes Up having a lesson with Joe Meyer on a stunning afternoon at the Ocala Jockey Club. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Hello from the second annual Ocala Jockey Club International Three-Day Event! EN are delighted to return at Erik and Pavla Nygaard’s stunning Ocala Jockey Club Farm in Reddick, Florida to bring you all the action from the CIC3*,...
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