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Two days ago we provided a complete rundown of how to watch eventing at the Rio Olympic Games via Since then we’ve discovered that both the cross country and show jumping phases of eventing...
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Who is this mystery man?
How about a little Saturday morning fun for you guys with today’s lead photo? Just who is this dapper chap, looking rather at home in his western attire? All will be revealed in due time....
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Where there are eventers, there are dogs! And they deserve a slice of the limelight. Tag your canine pics with #DogsOfEN on social for inclusion in a future edition! #nochill #dogsofinstagram #dogsofen A photo posted...
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How cool is it that not just one but two(!) off-track Thoroughbreds are getting on a plane to Rio today under the Team USA banner? Traveling reserve Lynn Symansky’s mount Donner (racing name: Smart Gorky,...
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After a few days of training camp at Meredyth South in Ocala, the Team USA event horses are loaded up and on the road to Miami, where they’ll board their flight to Rio tonight. A...
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Because why not?? Photo courtesy of me stalking Michael Jung on his Facebook page late at night for no particular reason.
I had a great jump lesson yesterday as part of my preparation for Millbrook next week, and it’s always nice to have good eyes on the ground to guide you through different parts of your...
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Elena Hengel and Zipp. Photo by Sportfot.
The fifteen CICY2* competitors took to the sandbox today in the North American Junior & Young Rider Championships at the Colorado Horse Park, with Elena Hengel dominating the individual leaderboard with both of her horses....
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Kudos to John Crowell for digging out a VHS tape with footage from the 1994 World Games at The Hague, where Dorothy Crowell and Molokai won an individual silver medal. We’re longtime fans of the...
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The iconic red barns at Magister Equitum Stables in Hector, Minnesota were teeming with horses and riders during the Roebke’s Run July Horse Trials. Horses of all shapes and sizes settled into their stalls for...
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Photo by Leslie Wylie.
As thrilling as it was to watch Buck Davidson grab CCI3* and CCI2* victory by the horns, as exciting as it was to witness Mackenna Shea wrestling that big blue CIC3* ribbon to the ground,...
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