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Blackberries: he loves them!!
In a lot of ways, summer in Virginia can be almost insufferable. The heat combined with the humidity makes a lot of my outdoor work days pretty gross, and when I get home at the...
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The Event at Rebecca Farm is just around the corner and, as if the event could get any more action packed, the addition of a CCI3* division this year is sure to bring some heavy...
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The Pro Performance Cross Country Boot boasts a waterproof mesh outer layer that allows air cooling action. Photo by Kate Samuels.
If you’re an eventer, there are a lot of things that define you but none so much as your enthusiasm for the cross country phase. As such, our passion involves getting super serious about the...
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It’s been a hard fought battle, but in the end only one can come out on top. We’ve once again been privileged to have a multitude of quality entries to sift through in our 5th...
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Babette Lenna rides her own Marketscan in the I/P division. Photo by Abby Powell.
Groton House Farm in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, hosted its 38th annual horse trials this past weekend beginning June 26, offering Novice through Intermediate/Preliminary divisions. This popular Area I event, known for sticking to tradition, usually...
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Will Coleman's working students working hard, or hardly working. Photo via Will's FB page.
Will Coleman took the opportunity of a summer breather to give a shout out to his working students. We all know how hard these young men and women work, toiling away rain, shine, heat, or...
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Andrew Nicholson and Nereo at WEG. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Equestrian Sports New Zealand announced its High Performance eventing squads today, and Andrew Nicholson remains absent from the list after choosing to "withdraw from negotiations to reintegrate"...
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David O'Connor and Mike Etherington-Smith at Red Hills. Photo by Shems Hamilton.
Red Hills International Horse Trials named Mike Etherington-Smith and David O’Connor as the new course designers for the event last month, and they both made their first planning visit to the venue in Tallahassee, Florida, yesterday to start...
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German team coach Chris Bartle taught an ICP clinic in California earlier this year, and we now have a sneak peek of his discussion on position with the riders thanks to our friends at Eventing Training...
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Hawley Bennett: Olympic Ski Jumper? Photo via Hawley Bennett.
Will we soon be seeing Hawley Bennett on the Canadian Olympic team … for ski jumping? It sure looks that way from this photo, but she’s decided that eventing is more her speed. If you’re...
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