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Our USEF Eventing Team Show Jumping Coach Silvio Mazzoni came to the dark side this weekend and completed Training at Ocala! Photo from Hannah Sue Burnett
One of the big challenges for someone involved in any sort of sporting endeavor is choosing the right coach. On top of having the required knowledge, the teaching style of the coach has to mesh...
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The show jumping time played a huge factor in yesterday’s Advanced combined test at Ocala Horse Properties Winter II Horse Trials, with just four of the combinations going clear and beating the clock. Clayton Fredericks...
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The neighboring razor wire adds a nice touch to the Rio Olympic cross country course. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
Going to the Olympics is kind of a big deal. Whether you’re an athlete, a journalist, an owner or connected in some other way to these magnificent animals that compete in equestrian sport, the Olympic Games are the...
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Lauren Kieffer and Team Rebecca's Veronica en route to a lovely clear around the Equitrek Bramham CCI3* cross country. Photo by Samantha Clark
A new FEI series called Event Rider Masters will kick off this year, linking six already existing events in Great Britain with a goal of eventually expanding the series to continental Europe and other nations....
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Photo courtesy of Shannon Brinkman.
Did you celebrate Mardi Gras this week? Because the Chinch did! Eventers everywhere do a great job of keeping an eye out for our wiley critter in every day life, and we are delighted to...
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When Lynn Symansky announced the formation of the Donner Syndicate last year, she also planned for those syndicate members to become owners of a yet-to-be-purchased new horse...
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I was 11 when I had my first ever riding lesson. My mom finally caved to my years of begging for it. She claims she waited until I was older so it was safer for...
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Justine Dutton and Jollybo (GBR). Photo by Jenni Autry.
It’s pretty incredible to come to Ocala and essentially have your pick of who you’d like to train with. It’s a golden opportunity and one that I am doing my best to take full advantage...
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Will Faudree and Caeleste at Pine Top Intermediate 2015. Photo by
The highly anticipated Pine Top Intermediate Horse Trials are nearly upon us, and more than 50 horses are entered across three Intermediate divisions, with many of them making their first competition appearance of the 2016 season...
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Kate Chadderton embodies all the horse crazy girls in this photo.
Even when I end my day with toes that no longer have feeling, and ears that have considered falling off, I’m just so thankful that I get to spend my day riding horses and teaching...
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