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What happens when an adorable little pony has trouble making friends in his new home? In this new commercial for Amazon Prime, we see this scenario play out with an idea that saves the day....
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The Pro Performance Cross Country Boots are very lightweight and don't hold water at all with their durable but water resistant material. Photo by Erica Stevens.
In my mind, there is no separation between riders and trainers. There is no such thing as just a rider. Every one of us is a trainer, to some extent, and in some way. It...
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Horse Radio Network’s Holiday Radiothon is underway. Brace yourself for 12 straight hours of horsey holiday tidings, emceed by a revolving door of 20 hosts and 30 celebrity guests with listener call-ins and prize giveaways...
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Photo by Sally Spickard.
Just in time for the holidays, this week’s Fab Freebie is a great idea for a gift for yourself and your horse! We reviewed the Mix and Match Bridle from Flexible Fit Equestrian, and you...
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Charlotte Wilson is celebrating the end of the horse show! That’s all folks! See you next year! Posted by Pine Top Eventing on Sunday, November 29, 2015 That’s a wrap! The much-loved Pine Top Thanksgiving horse...
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How do you address the challenge of feeding horses living in a group? Photo by Erica Larson of
Whenever I’m driving past pastures of horses, it’s always pretty peaceful to see them all standing around together, or running around and playing together, or napping together. But the majority of the time, they tend...
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In searching for epic helmet cams to share with you on this cold (at least in the Midwest!) Sunday, we stumbled on this great find thanks to helmet cam company Cambox ISIS. Michael Jung donned...
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Photo via Finger Lakes Finest.
With this year’s Retired Racehorse Project come and gone already, it’s time to start thinking ahead to next year. There are so many eligible Thoroughbreds out there — it’s just a matter of finding the...
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Brody Robertson explains an exercise to a clinic group. Photo by Bonnie Anderson.
We are all familiar with Brody Robertson’s successful show jump design business, but did you know he’s also a well accomplished rider and effective clinician to boot? Area IV riders got to experience a Brody...
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The forecast says 27 degrees tonight. Time to bust out the caterpillar suit!
I know, I know, 27 degrees isn’t THAT cold to most of you out there, but for those of us in Northern California it is positively arctic. In my part of California, it is rare that...
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