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Hello from Wellington! The sun is shining, a light breeze is blowing, and I think all of the eventers competing in the $50,000 Wellington Eventing Showcase are wondering how exactly they ended up here. If you’ve...
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Hope gives an interview for a local news station. Photo via Hope the Wonderhorse Facebook page
WNCN in Raleigh, North Carolina recently visited Hope the Wonderhorse at the Old Glory Legacy Foundation to capture the brave little filly’s spirit on camera and learn how she inspired the creation of the Sandhills...
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Meghan Perry and Nicos at Red Hills. Photo by Shannon Brinkman
Picture this: growing up galloping your pony on island beaches, practicing your dressage test by the front door of a brewery, jumping over small boats and kayaks as you come across them. Sounds like a...
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Wellington Showcase official timetables. Photo courtesy of Lainey Ashker.
Watch out, Dressage riders and Show Jumpers, the Eventing crowd is invading Wellington! The $50,000 Wellington Eventing Showcase kicks off today, with the test ride at 9:00 and Marilyn Little beginning the division at 9:30 with...
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A birthday cake? For me??? Creative Commons Photo.
When I look at the coggins results that I have on file for my own horses, I notice something that bothers me. For on each sheet under the location where the ‘date of birth’ should...
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The new USEA area borders. Illustration by EN.
The USEA Board of Governors published a fact sheet this afternoon outlining some modifications to the redrawing of the Area VIII borders approved at the USEA Annual Meeting in December. Accommodations have been made for...
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Daniel, Pilgrim, and I at the end of the second day! I learned an immense amount over the two day clinic and 

can’t wait to ride with him again! Photo courtesy of Erin Gordon.
Yesterday, we brought you a recap on day one of a recent Daniel Stewart clinic. Now, we’re back with day two details to build on what riders worked on the previous day. Be sure to...
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Photo by Nikki Sherman for After the Races.
The Retired Racehorse Project released its latest entry update, and entries now total 130! It’s a good mix of amateurs and professionals, and it’s not too late to find a horse to take your shot...
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Photo courtesy of ETB Equine Construction.
The $50,000 Eventing Showcase in Wellington is all set to kick off tomorrow, and some of the sport’s best known horses and rider’s have been invited to participate. Jenni will be on the ground for...
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Leo is  suspicious of the pigs!
I may not have moved south for the winter, but I’m braving out the cold temps and delaying the start to my competition season by a few weeks this year by staying in Virginia. However,...
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