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Looking like a great day today at JBF!
Happy weekend, EN!  Dana wrote in to let us know about some excitement happening at the Jumping Branch Schooling Horse Trials in Aiken. Organized by property-owner Julie Zapapas,  JBF is really a fall destination event for...
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As winter sets in, it’s a great time to set about preparing for the impending cold weather by clipping your horse. A sweaty horse in the cold weather is not only time-consuming but, more importantly,...
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A three-year-old chestnut stallion struts his stuff at a YEH Symposium. Photo by
The Young Event Horse series here in the U.S. is a growing program, and one that is an integral part of producing the next generation of eventing stars. All over the country, young horses who...
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Francisco Mendoza, General Ruben Rojas, Sara Kozumplik-Murphy, Gabriela Suarez, and Natascha Barrientos. Photo from Sara Kozumplik-Murphy.
The eventing segment of the Central American Games has gotten underway, with the 26 riders presenting their horses to the ground jury yesterday and riding their dressage tests today. Sara Kozumplik-Murphy is coaching the Venezuelan...
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The road to all four-star events. Photo by Susan Prorak.
As I see snow flurries swirling outside my window, it’s surreal that a week ago I was watching dressage in Adelaide, wearing shorts, sandals, and wilting in the 34 degree Celsius temperatures. A recent trip to Oz...
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Photo courtesy of Valerie Durbon for Eventing Nation.
Mary King is teaching a clinic hosted by Kelly Gage of Team EnGaged Clinics at Morven Park this week, imparting wisdom coming from many years as an international competitor. Mary did some work with younger horses...
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Too. Tired. Can't. Go. On.
The above photo is related to my feeling right now, which is related to the recent weather changes. Every year, the first few weeks that it gets really cold, my body first becomes super hungry,...
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Finding a vet you can trust is critically important as a horse owner. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
It’s a little hard for me to believe that I’ve been a horse owner for over a decade now. During that time, just one of the many important decisions that I’ve made as a horse...
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8-stall barn for rent in Aiken. Photo courtesy Theresa King.
Every year, eventers flee the frigid temperatures and precipitation that’s not conducive to training horses and head south. This annual “Great Migration” is coming up fast. Do you have a place to hang your helmet? In...
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Photo courtesy of CANTER PA.
With the holidays right around the corner, it’s a great time to be looking for your next prospect. Who doesn’t love buying themselves a Christmas present with four legs? Whether you’re looking for a fun...
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