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You guys are so good! Yes, it was Karen O’Connor in the driving seat, giving Nate Chambers a ride at the recent Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials.
 Nate, shown here at Galway Downs last year, has since grown a little bit of a beard, which suits him I think, but annoyingly, I didn’t manage to get a photo of him while I was down in Florida. Perhaps if you all leave enough comments he’ll be kind enough to send one in, AND funnily enough, it wasn’t Will Coleman, (but several of you thought it was!) although he WAS sporting some facial hair over the winter, something about a lost bet with his brother – again sadly no pictures, but maybe if we can muster up enough comments he might oblige…? 
Last week’s answer was the lovely Rebecca Howard in case you missed it on my blog page – if for some reason (masses of news, usually!) EN proper doesn’t get around to posting the answer, you can always find it on my page. 
Thanks for sharing the fun with me, I hope you enjoyed some of the good weather we’ve had over the last few days, long may it last, and we have some exciting Rolex news coming your way soon. Go Wookies and Go Eventing! 
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