Burghley 2017 Live Cross Country Updates

Discovery Valley. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

Good morning from Stamford, England! It’s a beautiful day for cross country at the biggest horse trials in the world. I’ll be running live updates from the media center at the venue, with Tilly Berendt in the mixed zone interviewing the riders. Keep refreshing this page for all the latest cross country news from the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials.

If you missed EN’s fence-by-fence preview of Capt. Mark Phillips’ “dirty great big” cross country course, click here to read Jonty Evans’ exclusive analysis. The optimum time is 11 minutes, 14 seconds.

You can watch cross country live on The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials Official Facebook Page starting at 11:30 a.m. BST/6:30 a.m. EST.

UK viewers can also watch live on BBC Red Button and on the BBC website starting at 11:15 a.m. BST, featuring commentary from Clare Balding, Nick Luck, Ian Stark, Jonty Evans and Nicole Brown.

Click here for full details on how to watch Burghley cross country live.

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USA cross country ride times & results:

  • Hannah Sue Burnett and Under Suspection – rider fall at fence 17
  • Andrea Baxter and Indy 500 – rider fall at fence 11b
  • Mackenna Shea and Landioso – 20 jumping, 22 time penalties (88.1)
  • Woodge Fulton and Captain Jack – clear, 41.6 time penalties (110.5)
  • Boyd Martin and Steady Eddie – clear, 2.0 time penalties (50.0)
  • Lauren Kieffer and Veronica – clear, 28.0 time penalties (65.0)
  • Lynn Symansky and Donner – clear, 3.6 time penalties (49.1)
  • Lillian Heard and LCC Barnaby – horse fall, both are OK

Live updates:

4:02: Click here to view final results after an influential cross country day at Burghley. Stay tuned for quotes from the riders and the full report.

4:01: Oliver Townend and Ballghmor Class home CLEAR and 1 second over to take the lead!

3:51: Oliver Townend and Ballghmor Class are on course now. The final pair on course and they can take the lead with a fast and clear round!

3:47: Tina Cook and Calvino II immediately had a runout at Discovery Valley. Oliver Townend and Ballghmor Class are now the only pair that can overtake Gemma Tattersall and Arctic Soul for the lead.

3:46: The hold has been lifted.

3:42: We have confirmation that LCC Barnaby was winded and is now up on his feet. He is being transported off the course in the horse ambulance as a precaution.

3:30: We have a hold on course as the vet team checks over LCC Barnaby.

3:28: Lillian Heard and LCC Barnaby have fallen at the Leaf Pit. We have confirmation that she is up and OK.

3:26: Tina Cook and Calvino II are on course now! They can take the lead with a fast and clear round.

3:22: Jamie Atkinson is the latest rider to have a runout at the Leaf Pit. The narrow triple bars have racked up a number of penalties today.

3:21: Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy are home clear and 13 seconds over to go into 3rd place on 46.5. Tina Cook and Oliver Townend are now the only riders who can overtake Gemma Tattersall in the lead.

3:20: Lillian Heard and LCC Barnaby are on course now!

3:11: Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy can take the lead with a fast and clear round. They are on course now.

3:07: Huge bummer for first-timer Olivia Craddock. Two stops with Billy Liffy at fence 4a and she retires.

3:06: Now we look to Tim Price, Tina Cook and Oliver Townend, all of whom can overtake Gemma Tattersall’s current leading score. This is nail-biting stuff!

3:05: Matt Heath has fallen from The Lion at Discovery Valley but is OK.

3:03: Overnight leader Mark Todd has fallen from Leonidas II at Discovery Valley!

3: Kirsty Short has retired Cossan Lad at fence 29b at the Leaf Pit.

2:57: Andrew Nicholson and Nereo complete clear and 19 seconds over the time. Definitely understandable he would take it slower after a very hard fall earlier in the day with Qwanza.

2:53: Overnight leaders Mark Todd and Leonidas II are about to start on course.

2:48: Andrew Nicholson and Nereo are on course now, clear through Capability’s Cutting.

2:42: Piggy French and Vanir Kamira home clear with 3.2 time penalties to move into third place!

2:32: Gubby Leach and Xavier have a glance off at fence 30 at the Leaf Pit, the second of the skinny triple bars.

2:30: Clear with 3.6 time penalties for Lynn Symansky and Donner to move into fourth place on 49.1. They will finish the day as the highest placed American combination. “I’m really happy with him. I’ve really come to rely on him. He comes out and is so reliable and so quick that I could afford to take a few long routes.”

2:24: Lynn Symansky and Donner are clear through the Rolex Combination at fence 19 and very close to their minute markers!

2:23: Boyd Martin on his clear round with Steady Eddie: “I should have gone straight at the Leaf Pit and made the time. Even if you ride the fences well, he’s still a bit leery and tends to start out pretty quirky, so I could have made more time at the beginning.”

2:18: Lynn Symansky and Donner are on course now!

2:15: Lauren and Veronica complete clear and 1 minute, 10 seconds over the time to add 28.0 time penalties to their dressage score. “Time did just tick away with us, but I’m thrilled with her. She’s taken me around Burghley and just kept on jumping great.”

2:10: Lauren Kieffer and Veronica are clear through the Trout Hatchery and down on the clock by about 15 seconds.

2:09: Izzy Taylor and Trevidden fly home clear and 9 seconds inside the time to move into second place.

2:06: Boyd Martin and Steady Eddie clear and 5 seconds over! 2 time penalties and into third place on 50.0.

2:02: Lauren Kieffer and Veronica are on course now, sitting in second place after dressage.

1:54: Boyd Martin and Steady Eddie are clear through the Dairy Mound.

1:53: No! Zara Tindall and High Kingdom part ways at the brush at the Trout Hatchery, the same fence that caught out Michael Jung and Sam.

1:49: Paul Sims and Glengarnock have a glance off at fence 30 at the Leaf Pit.

1:45: Woodge Fulton after jumping clear with Captain Jack in her Burghley debut: “I’m over the moon — it hasn’t quite set in yet.”

1:40: Woodge Fulton and Captain Jack complete with 1 minute, 14 seconds over the optimum time.

1:37: Emma Hyslop-Webb desperately tried to hang on at the Trout Hatchery but gets sent out the side door after the jump in with Pennlands Douglas. She is up and OK.

1:34: Mackenna Shea and Landioso complete with 20 jumping penalties and 55 seconds over the time.

1:33: Woodge Fulton and Captain Jack scrap their way through the Trout Hatchery but get it done!

1:32: A runout at Discovery Valley at fence 27 for Mackenna Shea and Landioso. A huge bummer as Kenna is riding brilliantly.

1:27: Two American pairs are on course now. Kenna and Landi clear through the Dairy Mound at 17. Woodge Fulton and Captain Jack clear through fence 7.

1:25: Gemma Tattersall and Arctic Soul are home clear and 4 seconds inside the time to take the lead!

1:24: Mackenna Shea and Landioso are clear through Storm Doris at fence 11.

1:21: No! Andrea Baxter was tipped out of the saddle when Indy 500 caught a leg at 11b at Storm Doris. She tried desperately to hang on but couldn’t quite save it. She is OK.

1:17: A scary fall for Libby Seed and What A Catch coming back through Discovery Valley at fence 27. They are both up and OK.

1:16: A heavy fall for Hannah Sue Burnett from Under Suspection at the corner at the Dairy Mound. She looks to be OK — just winded.

1:12: Hannah Sue Burnett and Under Suspection pick up a runout at the corner at 5b, the Anniversary Splash.

1:08: Heads up, USA fans! Hannah Sue Burnett and Under Suspection are our first of eight combinations and getting ready to leave the box now.

1:04: Georgie Spence and Wii Limbo pick up a runout at fence 19, the corner at the Rolex Combination, another fence that is claiming a fair share of the problems on course.

1: It appears there have been some issues with start times being changed and riders not being aware of their new times. Ludwig explained after his round: “When I got to the warm-up they changed and delayed my starting time and then when I got here they’d already started the clock, so I had to chase the time constantly.”

12:53: STOP THE PRESSES! Michael and Sam have a runout at the triple brush at the Trout Hatchery! He has retired on course.

12:49: Ludwig Svennerstal and Balham Mist pick up 20 penalties at the first triple brush in the Trout Hatchery.

12:46: Here we go! 2015 Burghley winners Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam FBW are on course, sitting in third place after dressage. They came from seventh after dressage to win in 2015.

12:44: A second runout on course for Andrew Hoy. The Blue Frontier says no at fence 30 at the Leaf Pit. It’s the second of the skinny triple bars at this combination and definitely racking up a fair share of runouts.

12:40: Just 4 seconds over the time for Tom McEwen and Toledo de Kerser to take the provisional lead, adding only 1.6 time penalties to their dressage score.

12:38: Andrew Hoy and The Blue Frontier pick up a runout at the Rolex Combination at fence 19, the big open corner.

12:35: Tim Price on his round with Xavier Faer: “There’s a sweet spot for take-off that gets smaller as the fences get bigger. You want the horse to feel as though he’s having a good time. The horse is magic, and is suited to this course every day of the week, but I just lost my ribbons a little bit.”

12:34: All sorts of problems for Pascal Leroy and Minos de Petra at the Trout Hatchery. Looks like multiple runouts at the first brush in the water, and they have now been eliminated.

12:32: Harry Meade and Away Cruising completed clear with 17.2 time. “I had to just be mindful that Away Cruising might not get the trip around, but he’s a forward, galloping horse.”

12:30: Caroline Powell and Spice Sensation completed with 20 jumping and 34.4 time. “It rode the same way that it walked, but bigger. The ground is quite holding. I’m really pleased with her — she grew the whole way around.”

12:28: Angus Smales and MJI Mount Echo also have a runout at the skinny triple bar at fence 30.

12:22: A runout at fence 30, the second skinny triple bar, at the Leaf Pit for Tim Price and Xavier Faer. Such a shame as they were having a cracking round.

12:18: A runout at the Trout Hatchery for Caroline Powell and Spice Sensation, the first triple brush at 23c. They had a big leap in over the log and couldn’t quite work it out before the brush.

12:07: Sarah Bullimore and Reve du Rouet have parted ways at fence 3.

12:04: A runout for Willa Newton and Chance Remark at Discovery Valley, and then a second runout at the Leaf Pit. She thought for a moment about retiring but is continuing on.

12:03: Clare Abbott and Euro Prince complete clear and 15.2 time penalties with some hairy moments! “He was throwing huge jumps and really landing running, so I think he’ll do better the next time he does something like this.”

12: Simon Grieve and Drumbilla Metro completed with 51.2 time and 20 jumping penalties. “He’s only 10 and it’s his first time at his level, so he went really green — he came to fence 4 and just went ‘Woah! What’s all this?!'”

11:57: Harry Dzenis and Xam complete with a clear round and 4.8 time. “I feel really chuffed and relieved, but slightly nervous that I’ve got to go do it all again! I’m stoked for later and can’t wait to give it another crack.”

11:55: Oliver Townend: “The time is very achievable on something that’s good. I know Ballaghmor Class is as fit as the first one. It’ll just be about whether he tires himself out with the hills and the crowds.”

11:54: Tina Cook after her trailblazing round inside the time: “There were no surprises at all. You had to work jolly hard and I had the upmost respect for the whole course.”

11:46: Trouble for Oliver Townend and Samuel Thomas at the Leaf Pit as the horse did not want to go down the hill at all. That will be 20 penalties at 29b.

11:42: Incredible ride from Tina Cook! 4 seconds inside the time with Star Witness as the first pair out. That is going to give the riders a ton of confidence.

11:30: And we’re off! Tina Cook and Star Witness are away.

11:23: Roo Fox has withdrawn Fleet Street, which gives us 60 starters on cross country.

11: We are counting down to the start of cross country at 11:30 a.m. BST. Tina Cook and Star Witness will be the first pair to leave the startbox. Click here for the full list of ride times.