Crackerjack Not Accepted at Pau CCI4* Final Horse Inspection

From left, Lucy Boynton Lie, Mike Pendleton, Crackerjack and Boyd Martin at Pau 2016. Photo by Libby Law Photography. From left, Lucy Boynton Lie, Mike Pendleton, Crackerjack and Boyd Martin at Pau 2016. Photo by Libby Law Photography.

It’s been a disappointing morning in France for Team USA, as Lucy Boynton Lie’s Crackerjack was sadly not accepted at the final horse inspection at Les Etoiles de Pau CCI4*. “Crackers” was sitting in sixth place overnight after a clear round and 2 time penaltie with Boyd Martin across Pierre Michelet’s cross country course yesterday.

“He looked pretty good last night when I left the barn,” Boyd said. “I arrived first thing this  morning, and he was definitely a bit off. We changed his shoeing and I hopped on and rode him, and we felt like we got him to a good place. The first time he trotted I thought he looked pretty good. They the ground jury asked me to jog him a second time, and he had one or two bad steps.

“Then we went to the holding box, and the holding vet said she couldn’t feel or see anything that concerned her, so I thought we were in business. I trotted him up again, and he was really good on the way up and then had one or two funny steps on the way back. The ground jury had a long hard talk and unfortunately gutted him.

“I felt like we should present him because in my opinion he was fit to jump, but he did show a funny step here and there. It’s very disappointing because we felt like we could have had a top finish since he’s a great show jumper. Lucy funded this trip and loves the horse, so it’s also heartbreaking all around for the whole team.”

The small bit of good news is that Boyd does not think Crackerjack suffered a significant injury. We have to send a big thank you to the Kiwi and Team GB vets, both of whom have been helping Boyd and super groom Mike Pendleton with Crackerjack today.

Craig and Gloria Callen’s Welcome Shadow was accepted at the final horse inspection and now has a monumental task ahead as the sole U.S. horse in the competition. “Shadow” jumped clear with 5.2 time penalties on cross country yesterday and currently sits in 13th place.

Boyd said Shadow “pranced out of the stable this morning and looks in good form for today’s jumping.”

Show jumping starts at 8:30 a.m. EST and will be shown live on FEI TV. Click here for the show jumping order of go, and check back later today for a full report. Go Eventing.

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