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First, it would be impolite for me not to say thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday.  The attention that comes with writing for Eventing Nation is something that feels a bit unnatural for me and I am still trying to figure out how to best deal with it.  As I look back on the last year on Eventing Nation, I am struck most by how we have grown from a 7 post per week site into a 20-30 post per week site.  For every minute we spend writing, it takes two minutes of work behind the scenes working to figure things out, answer emails, and find sponsors to help keep the lights on.

My favorite birthday present on Monday was probably the Planet Earth DVD collection from my Mom.  I guess I’m a bit late to the Planet Earth movement, but I have seen several episodes lately and it was pretty much the only thing on my birthday list.  For all the impressive things that mankind has invented, Mother Nature is ten times more creative.  Now let’s ceck out a few eventing news and notes…

–The Henny story has quieted down considerably since it broke over the weekend.  The Friday press release explained that there will be another court hearing next Monday to determine if the court order that put Henny in Peter’s custody will be extended pending a trial.  This case is now in the incredibly slow hands of lawyers and judges.  Unless both parties can reach an agreement out of court, I expect it to be a while until the situation is resolved.

–A new CCI2* and CCI3* will be held Hopetoun House, near Edinburgh, Scotland next July.  Ian Stark is the course designer on the 6,500 acre estate, which is home to the Earl of Hopetoun.  A horse trials has been held at the venue for the past 15 years.  Being in the UK, we can expect 100 CCI3* entrants and 200 CCI2* entrants.

–The USA Today wrote about the Asian Games because they were the first time in history that horses have been allowed to leave [mainland] China.  Well, at least since Genghis Khan conqured, raped, and pillaged most of Eurasia 800 years ago.  Before the Asian Games, any foreign horse that competed in [mainland] China would have to be sold in China because it was not allowed to leave.

–Michael Jung made his own three-day by combining dressage and jumping classes at the Stuttgart Masters and he won them all.  Michael just keeps impressing me more and more and I have a ton of respect for eventers who can beat pure dressage riders or show jumpers–Michael can beat both.

–Miley Cyrus turns 18 today, which is probably exciting for either Coren, or Annie, or both.

–Speaking of mediocre music, remember the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto a few weeks ago?  Apparently one of the dressage riders entered the musical freestyle arena to a soundtrack of her daughter leaving a message on an answering machine saying that she altered the music to a montage of more modern songsI’ve Got a Feeling is a decent song but it’s so summer of 2009, Dynamite is solid but overplayed, I have no idea what the next song in the montage is, and Memories with Kid Cudi is excellent.  Miley Cyrus is always terrible.  Begin comment war. 

Courtesy of Andrea

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That’s all for now.  Check back soon for a busy day on Eventing Nation, including guest articles from two writers who have never written for us before.  See you soon…



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