EN’s 2016 Video Countdown: #2. When Your Friends Take Color Commentary to a New Level

As we near the final days of 2016 we're revisiting EN's most popular video posts of the year. Here's #2, originally posted on June 5 and clocking in at 11,684 views!

There’s a saying you often hear associated with watching dressage, that it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. Professional commentary a la Sally O’Connor adds flavor and interest, but what happens when your friends take over the mic?

Saskia Berrios-Thomas found out when her pals Mel and Maria took on the personas of amateur dressage enthusiasts “Bev and Bev” to analyze Saskia’s test. They start out a bit conservative but really hit their stride by the time Saskia and her horse “Duncan” get to the free walk. Enjoy!