A quick update on Cambalda

Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda have had an absolute disaster of a day at Rolex.  We heard reports this morning that Cambalda got loose while lunging and injured himself.  Those reports were confirmed when Jennie did not ride in her regularly scheduled time spot this morning, and Jenni posted in her morning recap that the ride would be possibly rescheduled.  The Chronicle has more details including an interview with Jennie, saying that Jennie didn’t witness the incident but heard about it from Hawley Bennett-Awad.  From Jennie: “My groom was lunging him, and he spun and got loose from her and ran off.”  Ping apparently slipped and fell down after getting loose. The ground jury has looked at Ping and given Jennie the option of riding tomorrow but of course Jennie will not go unless Ping is 100%.  A new ride time has not been set yet.

I give the Ground Jury a ton of credit for giving Jennie the chance to ride tomorrow.  We are all hoping Ping will feel good enough to compete this weekend.  [COTH]

Go Jennie and Ping.

Update: Via press release from Frankie Thieriot — Jennie says: “Ping had an unfortunate slip on the concrete this morning and will not be doing dressage today. We will be doing our best to care for Ping, and as always will make a decision reflecting the best interests of this amazing horse. Thank you all for the support.”  From what I hear Ping is going to need to dramatically improve to be good to go tomorrow.  All fingers and toes at EN are crossed for Jennie.


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