The French WEG Team

Good afternoon friend.  I’m fine thanks, how are you.  Excellent.  Yes I have heard that joke about how French tanks have five gears in reverse and one gear forward.  No, I would never tell it on Eventing Nation, especially not on a serious post like the French WEG team.  No, I don’t think it’s yet another sign that I have become a spineless controversy dodger.  Well, we can agree to disagree then.
The French team held their selection trials at the FEI CIC3* WC Haras du Pin in France this weekend.  At Haras du Pin, Emily Baldwin of Great Britain managed to just beat Karin Donckers of Belgium for the win.  
The French selectors must have been pleased with the weekend though, with 6 French riders finishing in the top 10.  A french website announced the French team selections on Monday as only a French Website can: 
“The national eventing selector/chef Laurent Bousquet has announced his list of riders who will defend the French colours at Lexington, for the World Equestrian Games. Here it is:


Nicolas Touzaint and Tatchou-3rd at Haras du Pin

Donatien Schauly MCH and Séculaire-4th Haras du Pin

Lionel Guyon and Métisse de Lalou-34th Haras

Pascal Leroy and Glenburny du Léou or Minos de Petra-8th Haras, 11th Luhmuhlen CCI4* 2010

Arnaud Boiteau and Expo du Moulin-9th Haras

Jean Teulere and Matelot du Grand Val-22nd Haras



Stanislas de Zuchowicz CNE/ Quirinal de la Bastide-28th Haras.  Our US readers will remember that Stanislas jumped around Rolex ’10 with some time and a rail to finish in 26th, and I for one was impressed with his riding nearly as much as his attire.  

The USA’s Julian Stiller had her Blenheim prep at Haras du Pin, finishing 31st and 37th on Chapel Amble and Salsa respectively.  The french team was trimmed from an original list of 13 A listers released in June.



  • Monty White says:

    BTW Karin Donkers is Belgian, not German. She might be offend to be considered German.

  • John says:

    What would I do without you Monty? One flag is nearly the other flipped on its side-how confusing.

  • JER says:

    Où sont les femmes?

  • rl says:

    BTW, Karin Donckers has a ‘c’ in it, Monty.

    Interesting that Laurent Bousquet has received most of the credit for the French team after less than a year back under his own flag again — makes me wonder how much support he has. Don’t know the history there …anyone?

  • Samantha clark says:

    Yes, I was particularly impressed by Stanislaw!

  • John says:

    >>JER: I’m desperately trying to remember French from my days in middle school. I recall ‘les femmes’ as meaning ‘women’ and I can only deduce that you are wondering where are the women on the short list, which is a great question. In my mind, female eventers (maybe it’s just because of the ladies that have represented the USA over the past few years) bring a kind of toughness to a team that the guys don’t.

  • lec says:

    There have been pretty much no female regulars in the French team since Marie Christine Duroy was so successful on Summersong. Even last year when the French could send 12 riders to the Europeans as host nation they sent an all male team.

  • arnaud says:

    “five gears in reverse and one gear forward” I didn’t know we have one gear forward, i though we have not.

    there is few women on high level for french eventing, there were Alexandra Boureau at the CIC*** of Haras du Pin but is she able to go to lexington….?

  • JER says:

    It’s just very unusual to see a team devoid of women but French eventing seems to have been like this for a long time. Is it just coincidence or are there other forces at play?

  • Corina says:

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  • Bel says:

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  • anonymous says:

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