Jennifer Simmons and JB’s Star fall at fence #17

3:40pm update – While in the air, JB’s Star put a front leg down between the rails of the oxer, causing JB and Jennifer to fall.  Jennifer was reported to be breathing, speaking, and moving after the fall but likely had a concussion.  She was loaded onto the ambulance wearing neck and back braces but these are often routine precautionary measures.  It is unclear whether JB’s star was standing when he was loaded onto the equine ambulance.  The last few riders are getting started on course and they have the unenviable task of refocusing and staying positive to give their horses the best ride.  Here at Eventing Nation we will try to refocus and have a recap of the entire CCI3* soon.
Jennifer Simmons and her horse JB’s Star fell at fence number 17.  Both Jennifer and JB’s Star were on the ground following the fall.  The tarps were put up and Jennifer was quickly loaded onto an ambulance and transported away. JB’s Star has been loaded onto the equine ambulance.  That is all the information we have at this time but of course Jennifer and JB’s Star are in Eventing Naiton’s thoughts and prayers.



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