Leslie Law’s Monday News and Notes

If you didn’t catch the news last night (don’t worry, only Coren reads Eventing Nation on Sunday nights), Leslie Law became the 5th confirmed application for the US coaching position.  I say ‘application’ because there have actually been 7 applicants with the two paired applications of the Hoys and Bobby/Phillip.  My guess is that there will still be one or two more applicants, but we can safely say that the USEF’s Search Committee now has a wide variety of choices. 

The application deadline is today, and then the next major step in the process is when the USEF Search Committee will pass a short list onto the Active Athletes Committee.  Wisely but frustratingly, a deadline has not been announced for when that step or the final hiring decision will occur.  We’ll have more about Leslie Law later, but my first reaction is that it’s a very good application from the standpoint that Leslie is familiar with US eventing, having lived in the US for 4 years, but he is also very independent because he has never been part of the USEF’s system.

Now for your news and notes, which are scientifically guaranteed to cure a case of the ‘Mondays’:

Buck Davidson kicked butt at Rocking Horse, winning two intermediate divisions and taking second in the other intermediate division.  Buck was riding Ballynoecastle RM in the Open Intermediat-B and won by 8 points.  Canadian Kendal Lehari placed first and second in the Intermediate/Preliminary.  I could tell you a story about Kendal’s jack russell, but I should probably stay on topic.  Leslie Law won the Prelim Horse division on Amarna, edging Karen O’Connor by two points. [Rocking Horse Results (FL)]

–The Pine Top results page appears to be offline at the time I am writing this, but I can tell you from chatting with someone at Pine Top on Sunday that Nathalie Pollard won a prelim division on a 20.  That dominant finish was likely made all the more satisfying by the fact that she beat her husband Michael who was in the same division.  Nathalie has been taking a maternity break from riding for the past 3 years, but she obviously hasn’t lost a step from her previous USEF training list days.  Nathalie scores 9′s for rider about half the time…and 10′s the other half of the time.  To get an 8 on rider you need to have perfect position, to get a 9 you need to have perfect position and have the horse so well tuned to the aids that it looks like you are doing absolutely nothing.  Seriously, go watch Nathalie ride dressage at an event some time, it’s a very humbling experience for us dressage mortals.  [Pine Top Results]   

–Buck Davidson spent all of Saturday at Rocking Horse riding in a Green Bay Packers jersey because he lost a bet with Jon Holling, who is a big Packers fan.  If you can find a photo of Buck wearing the Packers jersey, please send in to the EN Team at eventingnation@gmail.com.  It will certainly be worth EN Karma, and it might be worth an EN hat.  Speaking of which, yes, the hats are coming soon.  More importantly, who is EN rooting for in the Super Bowl?  Which reminds me Jon, whose my little…?  Inside jokes were not meant for websites.

–Ecogold, one of Eventing Nation’s fantastic sponsors, tweeted Sunday night that “Buck Davidson no longer rides My Boy Bobby, who will have a happy future at a lower level.”  Ecogold has a pretty good source for this, but I haven’t confirmed it yet.  For what it’s worth, keeping Bobby sound while getting him 4* fit has always been a challenge, but Bobby is one of the truly great US horses and I would hate to see him retire from the upper levels so soon.  A sponsor finding news for EN?  Gotta love it.  Also, if that’s not enough, the Ecogold Facebook page reports that 23 Canadian pairs have already applied for the Pan Ams.  @ecogold  @eventingnation

–Eventing Nation was rocking loud and proud courtesy of the announcer at the Rocking Horse HT.  Cyndi Kurth is absolutely one of my favorite announcers in eventing, and not just because she was able to sneak in two Eventing Nation shout-outs while our very own Annie Yeager was galloping around the cross-country.  I have already sent an email request to Cyndi to not mention EN when she announces my rides because that would almost certainly make me fall off.

–In other news, the world is all ears for a major grand prix showdown.  The champion Swedish team is facing staunch opposition from the Brits in the UK’s first rabbit Grand National.  The BBC has all the coverage (cute bunny video included) [BBC via the great one, JER]  If you send us enough awesome news tips, you can get an official EN title like ‘the great one’ too.    

–Top 10 reasons to wear your helmet [Riders4Helmets]

–Samantha welcomes Obi home [Samantha’s blog]

–Zara Phillips will marry Rugby player Mike Tindall in Edinburgh on July 30th. [Daily Mail]

–Winter hacking with Buzzterbrown [Youtube]

–Something that I forgot over the weekend was to give a big congratulations to the Chronicle for winning the USEF Pegasus award for General Publication.  It’s a pleasure to work along side the Chronicle on a daily basis and they have some really great journalists working for them.  A special shout-out to the Chronicle crew that I see regularly at events including Sara, Kat, Lisa, and Lindsay. [Chronicle

–Hay is becoming so scarce in the UK that supply companies are having to import hay from as far away as Pakistan.  As one supplier exaplined: “We’re importing hay from Norway, Sweden, France, Pakistan, Canada and America and I’m trying Morocco next.” [Horse and Hound]

–Today’s Tack of the Day items are high and standard neck heavy turnouts for 35% off retail.  Click here to view them, but hurry–you only have until noon ET before TOTD posts new items.  And, whenever you see the TOTD banner in the EN sidebar, be sure to click on it and check out what new items they have each day. [Tack of the Day]

–Eventing Nation seems a bit brighter today, can you tell why?    

–Be sure to enter our EN Point Two contest.  Some people have told me that the video is dull to watch, which I can agree with, but I think it’s well worth the chance to win a Point Two Airjacket.  I had to watch the entire video and I don’t even get the chance to win one!

That’s all for now.  We are speeding towards the most exciting two months in eventing and Eventing Nation is absolutely at the top of its game.  I’ll be leaving for Ocala this week, but I am around all day today with regularly scheduled posts and breaking news as it happens.  Now more than ever, thanks for coming to the Eventing Nation community for your latest eventing news, commentary, and fun.  Wherever you may be, thanks for making us part of your day.  See you soon…



  • PTF Spectator says:

    I bet Nathalie Pollard’s win was a little less sweet since she took a swim in the first water on her 2nd place horse.

    Also, no training level horses had stops! How often does that happen?!

  • lsa says:

    The EventingNation navigation bar background is lighter!

  • Blugal says:

    We west-coasters get all the news and notes the night before – I consider it good pre-bedtime reading!

  • eventer79 says:

    Don’t worry, Coren, I’m reading on Sunday night with ya! I mean, what else IS there to do on Sunday night??

  • House says:

    Nathalie is definitly a better rider than Michael, but why would she take horses prelim after just completing one Training level on it? I thought three clear XC rounds are required before moving up, (horse and rider) or is it that the rules don’t apply to the ultra rich.
    It was a great day to take a dip with temps in the 70′s!

  • Lindsey says:

    Sorry House, the rule is that the rider is required to do four training before moving up.

  • John says:

    5. Please House, let’s not make a habit of going there really in any way. For one, who the heck can tell who is better and who cares? The fun is that on this weekend Nathalie won. I don’t have any idea about the move-up, but if I know Nathalie the horse is probably ready for intermediate tomorrow and Nathalie has been riding since the autumn. If the horse and rider are both qualified they could go to an advanced tomorrow. More importantly, taking this line of approach to comments takes the fun out of writing about specific riders for me because ultimately if you look hard at any of us you can find something bad to say. Enough.

    1. Amazing

    2. Correct

    3. Then you know how late some of these news and notes get posted! We make them designed to be read in the morning (by saying ‘this morning’ and such), but we post them arond 12:30 or 1am so that our readers in Europe can enjoy them and so the folks on the east coast who get up ultra-early can also read them.

  • Amanda says:

    “I have already sent an email request to Cyndi to not mention EN when she announces my rides because that would almost certainly make me fall off.”

    WHAT?! Does EN karma not apply to our fearless leader? Or is it good karma for the rest of us, and bad karma for you, John?

  • anonym says:

    Ecogold also had all the details of Canada’a Equestrian Awards banquet!!! Where none other than the Canadian Eventing Team was given the distinguished honor of being named jointly as “Equestrian of The Year”
    Big news in Canada as never before has an Eventer been given this honor!
    Photos of two of those amazing riders on her site!
    Congratulations to all of them!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Cyndi was a great announcer at th RH show, as always. It was really nice of her to recognize EN we could hear it back in stabling

  • remaining anonymous says:

    John, you should do a little something on eventing announcers. There are some really good ones out there, and they deserve some credit, right?

    Cyndi is great

    DOC’s brother is great, although if you mess up or have a sketchy fence, he will say it haha

    Piers from Groton House Farm HT in Area 1 is one of my favorites as well

  • CherylH says:

    Don’t sweat it, John. You don’t need an EN announcement XC to fall off ;-)

  • House says:

    Just saying, that just because the rider is capable of riding advanced doesn’t make the horse capable without the proper training which makes our sport appear unsafe for horses and riders. Let’s not give the Dover’s in the world more amunition.

  • PlayerHater says:

    You kind of sound like a moron though. There is a big difference between an advanced level rider taking a young horse around a preliminary track and a Adult Amateur that has done 45,000 training level events doing their first preliminary. There is no question that the Advanced level rider (esp. one of her experience level) is much much safer out there. The USEA rules about a minimum number of runs at a level were directed at inexperienced riders. Most other countries let professionals just start their young horses at a level that approximates the preliminary level in this country.
    When you sum up an argument with a dig about someone’s wealth, you basically undo any valid point that you were trying to make, and at the same time look like an idiot. As a tip from the top next time if you want to throw some criticism out at least do it thoughtfully and crack open a grammar book-the plural of Dover would be Dovers (not that possessive abomination that you wrote down).

  • Sumiko Keay says:

    Bunny Steeplechase is fun – but I bet bunny puissance is amazing.

  • LisaB says:

    re: There is a big difference between an advanced level rider taking a young horse around a preliminary track and a Adult Amateur that has done 45,000 training level events doing their first preliminary.
    PH – You talkin’ about me??? Oh yeah, that’s me all right!

    Anyho, so instead of the announce giving a shout out – we’ll just do it from the sidelines, John. I’ll be sure to get my posse in gear the next time we share an event.

  • House says:

    and you sound like an educated idiot! She is a Amateur, and it’s going to be hard to feel sorry for anyone that comes into the ER with life threatening injuries that has an attitude like yours.

  • John says:

    No more name calling, we don’t have time for it today, and I’m sorry if I have a short fuse but please give it a rest. The Comment Moderation Chinchillas are officially on high alert.

  • Patriot says:

    With the finale of the NFL season upon us. I will be returning my full attention to reading EN on Sunday. Seems like a great time to bring back a certain regular Sunday post that featured fabulous grooming tips. Hint hint :)

  • PlayerHater says:

    House- Smooth point. Nathalie is an amateur. One that has finished in the top 10 at Rolex, won the *** at FHI and NAYRC twice. I have no idea what you are talking about with regards to coming into the ER, but thanks for your concern.

    Lisa- there is nothing wrong with doing 45k training level events- just pointing out that the rules ‘target’ riders instead of horses for what MAY be a good reason. That’s all.

  • CherylH says:

    Whoa. Everyone have an afternoon beer and relax. Where’s the love?

    And if Penny ever lets me announce at the VHT, I’m going to announce “and coming into the first water is John T&^%#, riding Totally Naked…” That should get you good karma, John!

  • Stacie says:

    My retired event horse went by the show name “Buck Naked” (disclaimer – he came to me with that name) …people always looked around and laughed when we were announced.

  • Jaclyn says:

    I had a horse named “Naked Vapors.” yeah…we changed that to “Pocket Change” since he was literally paid for with an old water jug full of quarters. Oh and there is an amazing appy named “Flecken Awesome” on google images from Rocking Horse HT. Thought that was pretty clever ;)

  • buzzterbrown says:

    Gee whiz John, it must be a slow news day to include a link to my winter trot – lol. But I see there’s enough heat here to melt that snow.

  • dee says:

    I read EN on Sunday night, and Monday three times, and tuesday….five times, and well, okay, so am addicted.

  • LisaB says:

    Oh, PlayerHater, I was totally agreeing with you! I can kickass at training in any event but when it comes to prelim, I totally squeak by. I’m living proof of what you’re saying.

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