Rainy Rolex Wednesday Morning Update

Erin Sylvester and No Boundaries smiling through the rain, although shortly after I took this photo it started to absolutely bucket down, and then came the thunder, and after that came the lightning. At that point it was almost time for the Rider Meeting so I called it quits and ran for cover!

Before that however I saw Buck Davidson working Mar De Amor with David O’Connor and looking very impressive – flawless changes, forward-going, relaxed – if he can pull that off in the ring – Look out!

Love Tivoli’s browband.  I haven’t seen this horse since Galway Downs at the end of 2011; he’s improved tremendously and I liked him then!  James is one of the most modest riders on the circuit, he’s always polite, chats, is helpful, thinks of everyone around him and takes excellent care of his horses, almost single-handedly (shout out to non-horsey brother Mike who’s helping this weekend!).  His whole family are wonderful too and once again have flown over to support him,  and they’ve adopted hosted many US riders when they stay in England.  I’m really hoping for a good Rolex for James, especially as he’s now independent and running his own business in California, which he told me he’s enjoying tremendously. You can follow his adventures via his blog for EN.


There may or may not be a board in the US ‘command central’ with simply the words “Beat Fox-Pitt/Nicholson” but if there was such a board then surely Mary King’s name would also be on it?  Fernhill Urco returns to the Kentucky Horse Park two years after finishing 2nd here to Mary’s other ride two years ago – would you really want to bet money against this combination?



Stanley – taking cover while watching Kristi on Rosie!

By the time poor Kristi Nunnink came down to work R-Star with David it was absolutely tipping down, and once the storm warnings started blaring they called it a day, and rescheduled for later.

Colleen plaiting Kilrodan Abbot ready for the Trot-Up this afternoon, while poor Dragon quakes in the corner of the stall, terrified of the storm – an older greyhound that Peter adopted- she was literally shaking!

A shout out to all the grooms who are working hard to prepare the horses for the First Inspection at 3pm in frankly, pretty horrible conditions – torrential rain and falling temps, sounds horribly familiar! However, although the forecast isn’t for warmer weather, it is supposed to dry out so we’ll be back a little bit later with all the action from the Jog (US lingo!). Thanks for visiting Eventing Nation and Go Rolex Three Day Eventing!


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