Rider Profile: Donna Miller

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Photo credit: Mark Walter Lehner/ Hoof Clix Photography

Name: Donna Miller
Age: 54
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Relationship to Eventing : Master Adult Amateur Intermediate 2* rider, eventing parent, breeder, and volunteer when time permits (pretty much zero right now)
Favorite Eventing moment/story?: Most recently I completed a CIC2* on my 15 hand Connemara pony stallion that i started as a rising 3yo and who is now eight.  When I purchased him in 2005, I had hopes of Preliminary, but at that time, never considered Intermediate.  Well, the jumps no longer look huge as my pony’s huge heart makes them smaller.  Running around the 2* was absolutely the ride of my life.  I was on a high for at least a week after.  One other moment was at the AECs in 2008 at Lamplight, when, this same pony and I won the AEC Training Amateur division and the Optimum time award.  It was one of the most ironic horse moments of my life, bc I actually got lost on XC and had to circle to find one of the jumps.  The timers for the Optimum Time Award were at a spot on XC just after the place where I made the circle which put me at almost the optimum time they were looking for at that point on XC, HOWEVER, that circle caused me to have time faults.  Fortunately the time faults were not enough to drop my placing and we ended up winning the division and the Optimum Time Award.  So tell me, how do you win the Optimum Time Award AND have time faults on XC?  The stars must have been aligned for us that weekend.
If you had to pick one reason why you love Eventing, what would it be? I absolutely love the fact that eventing is all about how you and your do on that weekend compared to your goals, and not necessarily how you end up on the score board.  This attribute of eventing brings with it fantastic people that i enjoy spending my time with.  I tell people that ask whey I do this and why i go to so many events, and my response it bc each event is like a mini vacation.  I get to spend it with the people and horses that I love in beautiful surroundings!
Overall Goals in the sport:  I am living my dream and I just want to be able to continue and improve along with my horses.  
Biggest Role model: Mary King; she is amazing.
Link to blog or website, if applicable: http://www.hiddencreekhorses.com/



  • Cindy Wood says:

    love that you are living the dream!!! Love your stallion!

  • Hoof Pix says:

    Before Mark tracks me down … let the world know that the photo credit goes to HoofCLIX, not Hoof Pix (me)!!

    Sorry Mark, I had nothing to do with claiming credit, just the usual confusion with our business names! (Great shot by the way).

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