Just in Time, ‘Billy to Rio’ Discovers Eventing

Billy to Rio, our favorite-ish equine celebrity of the Olympics, has now sampled every equestrian sport the Summer Games have to offer. In his latest video, the endearing Billy dabbles in eventing.

Blackfoot Mystery, Cortes ‘C’, that dressage horse — what’s his name? Oh that’s right, Valegro — these supposedly famous Olympic-bound horses have got nothin’ on the real hero of these Summer Games. The world’s shiniest participation trophy should be awarded to none other than Billy, our happy-go-lucky friend who’s charmingly tried his hoof at almost every sport the Olympics have to offer (and we’re talking about much more than just the equestrian events).

Just days away from the start of eventing competition in Rio, Billy figures out the final piece of the puzzle he hasn’t tried yet — that mysterious “X factor.”

You can check out more of Billy’s adventures on his YouTube channel here.

With less than a week out, we’re no closer to unraveling the mystery of just who is masterminding the “Billy to Rio” campaign, nor can we honestly tell if it’s working to increase awareness of equestrian Olympic sports. Really, all we know is that Billy might be the most came-from-left-field sports hero of all time, and we’re strangely okay with it.

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Go Eventing!