Prelim XC at Red Hills


Joe Meyer started the Open Prelim Division off this morning on Ruthie Harbison’s Violet Rain. I spoke to him later in the day, which will be up at some point this weekend, but he told me and if you look carefully you can see, this little mare has no shoes on!  
Jessie Phoenix and Executive Decision
Tyson Rementer, possibly (disclaimer) the most handsome course builder in the US!
Randy Ward and Jameson, he unfortunately fell off later but is fine.
Curtis Barbour and Tagaelen 
Hannah Sue Burnett on Woodbury
Dana Carlin and As Time Goes By
Ashley Dalton and Blank Czech
It was great to see Heather Gillette back out competing, above on Opera Groove, and also Our Questionnaire went really well in the Open Intermediate. She pulled up G-Star early in the Open Intermediate after she told me she was having brake problems after a huge confidence boost following a win last time out! 
Lesley Grant-Law and What Law, above and below
Jennie Jarnstrom-LaManna and Cape Town 
Karen O’Connor and Smilla
Sara Kozumplik and the impossibly cute Cavalier All Dun, apologies for cutting off his head! “Dusty” was imported from England by Joe Meyer and Ruthie Harbison and skipped around the course like it was pony club, and then I found out that it was his first time out at this level. What a star!  I did talk to Sara at the end of the day too, and hope to have that video up as soon as possible.
Joe Meyer again, this time on Alexander
Lara Borson Knight and the fantastic and consistent Shooby Do – we spoke to Lara at the Mary King convention. Lara works at the Secretariat Centre at the Kentucky Horse Park, and Shooby Do, an alumni of the programme is one of the 8 horses in the prelim divisions eligible for the Jockey Club TIP incentive. 
Jorja Miller on Spring Express
Rebecca Willner and Troubadour Hall, another nice OTTB eligible for the TIP incentive
Elaine Shults and Rain or Shine
Check out these quarter marks! Katie Bryant and EM Aquataine – fierce! 
Miguel Sarmiento and Calvino
April Simmonds and Impressively Done
Sarah Finkel and her OTTB and TIP horse Deep Sea
Joe Meyer on the third of his four prelim rides, Lough Rynn
Jessie Phoenix on A Little Romance who is related to Selena O’Hanlon’s very nice A First Romance (they’re by the same sire which also has Romance in the name but I’m having a blonde moment, yes only a moment, I’m sure there’s another Canadian eventer out there by him too, but…)
Doug Payne on Kilimanjaro
Hallie Glennie and Macinaw
Stephanie Baer and Zohar
Andrew Palmer and Cardinali
Zeb Fry and Artful Way – guess what? Another nice OTTB that’s eligible for the Jockey Club TIP incentive
I promise this is the last picture of Joe Meyer cross country today, but I am looking forward to sharing my interview with him with you, and also to reading his blogs for PRO which I have no doubt will be wonderfully entertaining. 
Whitney Weston on her Jockey Club TIP horse Gin Fizz
Huge props to course designer Hugh Lochore for a job well done, and the same to builder Tyson Rementer; everyone I talked to, riders and officials were full of praise for it. John Kyle and Nigel Casserley were fantastic all day long, tag-teaming each other and cracking me up, it’s not just me, John is high-larious! Now before I get too giddy I’m going to crack on with the 3* pictures and also try and bring you some videos too. Go Eventing Forever! 


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