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Pro Groom Malin Jonasson in her natural habitat. Photo by Terri Fitton.

Pro Groom Malin Jonasson in her natural habitat. Photo by Terri Fitton.

I always knew on some vague level that show jumping was more a year-round sport than eventing, but I never appreciated until recently to what extent. December is by far the slowest month I’ve encountered since taking the helm at our sister site, Jumper Nation, and by that I mean there’s only a five-star every weekend in ONE continent each weekend, rather than one on a few continents, or multiple events in one country.

This weekend, for example, is the Olympia London International Horse Show, and above you’ll see one of the dedicated grooms who lives on the road with her boss’s horses. Those grooms live, eat, breathe and fly with the horses in such tandem that only those brief, ferocious jump rounds separate one from the other. The connection between horse and rider is awe-inspiring, but hats off to the love between horse and groom.

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