Thursday Video: Stuff Riders Say … About Blankets

‘Tis the season to blanket your horses, and our good friends at SmartPak understand the hilarious and frustrating moments that go hand in hand with lost, shredded and dirty blankets. They released a special episode of “Stuff Riders Say” today in honor of blanket season, and you have to watch to hear the special shout out to Eventing Nation. We’re blushing!

Blanketing is a whole lot easier now thanks to SmartPak’s new SmartBlanket app, which gives personalized blanketing recommendations for your horses. And for all the EN readers who were bummed about no Android version of the app, SmartPak heard your cries! Now you can download the app for Android by clicking here. And the iOS version is available here.

Thanks to SmartPak for taking the guesswork out of blanketing. You rock!


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