Update from Copper Meadows

Hawley Bennett-Awad on Gin & Juice had a spectacular go and added only 6 time penalties to retain their lead after Dressage. Photo by Bill Olson

EN reader Bill Olson kindly sent us a couple photos from Copper Meadows HT today.  Bill reports that riders are “enjoying  a gorgeous day in Ramona, CA. Even though it was the inaugural Advanced here at Copper, course designer James Atkinson didn’t mess around!  It was a big winding course on rolling terrain with some tough questions out there!  Fun event!

Zach Brandt had a great round on Cavallino Cocktail adding 6.8 time penalties to move up to 2nd place in the Advanced Division. Photo by Bill Olson.


[Live Scores]

So far, the Advanced, Intermediate, and Preliminary divisions have completed cross-country and look forward to show jumping tomorrow.  Training, Novice, and Beginner Novice divisions are still on-going.


  1. Hawley Bennett-Awad / Gin & Juice  35.4
  2. Zachary Brandt  / Cavallino Cocktail  37.7
  3. Jolie Wentworth / Good Knight  41.0


  1. Teresa Harcourt / Bonza Twist of Fate  31.6
  2. Tamra Smith / Normandy Soldier  33.2
  3. Kelly Loria / Leader des Bieffes  34.4

Open Preliminary

  1. 1T  Leah Breakey / Donna Figile  30.9
  2. 1T  Jolie Wentworth / Gordon Biersch  30.9
  3. Erin McPhearson / McFly  31.0

Preliminary Rider

  1. Christina Henriksen / Rising Reminder  30.0
  2. Nikki Ayers / Inspiration  31.7
  3. Leila Lucas / Othello  32.4


Jennifer Mcfall riding High Times looked amazing to move up to 5th. Photo by Bill Olson.


Jordan Taylor on Cambridge rocked around the big Cross Country course adding only time penalties to move up to 6th. Photo by Bill Olson.


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