Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Free Riding Practice with Alycia Burton

Alycia Burton of Free Riding NZ and her incredible palomino paint gelding GoldRush have gained international fame through viral videos featuring amazing tackless feats, from blazing fast beach gallops to international cross country jumping. But while it’s incredible to watch what they do, horse people know what is more impressive is how they do what they do.

Alycia and “Banjo” clearly have a remarkable partnership founded on trust and communication. Such a connection isn’t born overnight. It takes years to build and perfected only through countless hours of practice. That’s why we love Alycia’s latest video of her and Banjo schooling at home, warming up and working together to fine tune their skills and further solidify the strength of their relationship.

In the video description, Alycia says they are getting back into jump training after a month off so they are working on being “accurate, light and reactive.”

Alycia now has her own training DVD series and is touring Australia sharing her knowledge and inspiring youth to chase their dreams. Click here to learn more.


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