Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Haley Carspecken Is Going to the Top

The Young Rider – Haley Carspecken

Tuscarora Senior, Haley Carspecken, selected for prestigious Eventing 18 program.

Posted by The Official Loudoun County Public Schools on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Haley Carspecken, 17, has her sights set on a professional career in eventing. As a talented young rider named to the 2018 Emerging Athletes Eventing 18 Program, she is well on her way.

In 2016, her first year at the FEI level, Haley won the Plantation Field CIC* riding True Grace. She had another big year in 2017. Riding Caroline Martin’s former three-star horse Center Stage, she picked up two top ten finishes at the one-star level. Haley will be heading to Florida to train with Leslie Law this winter. Watch the video to learn more about her journey!

We’re excited to see what Haley and the other Eventing 18 participants will accomplish in 2018. Keep it locked on EN. We’ll soon be featuring the riders who have been named to the Emerging Athlete Eventing 25 list for the first time.

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