Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: The Most Exciting Helmet Cam

We’ve watched a lot of helmet cams of eventers on cross country galloping through open fields, down wide wooded paths and over a course that flows in a smooth, logical way.

This helmet cam is different. And it is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.

At the Carlanstown Novice Hunter Trials, two kids and their ponies jump off the starting line like their tails are on fire. While watching I thought maybe these young riders could stand to take a tug or two, but it still looks like an absolute blast!

These competitors aren’t negotiating your run of the mill cross country course. They don’t just jump in and run through water, they gallop down the length of what appears to be a river.

And they don’t just run down a wooded path, they negotiate — at speed — a claustrophobically narrow trail which might have been created by deer.

And I don’t know what exactly you’d call this question … steps up out of a canyon? But it looks like fun.

They must have walked this course 20 times! There are fences everywhere, narrow openings in the tree line and I have absolutely no idea which way they’re going to turn at any given moment.

The whole trip is punctuated by the rider’s high praise and delight for her incredibly game little horse. While the video ends with her taking a tumble in one of the many water crossings (she remounted unharmed and finished the round), you’re left with the desire to forget another flat day and go careering over hill and dale with a barn buddy instead.

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