When the going gets tough…

One of the many things that I love about our great sport is how the eventing community bands together and supports each other in times of hardship.  Last week we learned the heartbreaking news that Peter Atkins had broken his leg in a freak accident and would not be able to attend Badminton with Henny.  I never want to miss a chance to highlight the supportiveness of the eventing community and so I will pass along a simple email from Nancy Marks & Steve Silver, who are hosting Peter’s horses at their farm while he recovers.  In response to the title: When the going gets tough…the tough get going and their friends help them get going.

From Steve and Nancy:

Life can change in an instant — something we all know in the horse world — but it is how people react after those “events” that is often a true indication of their character.

In that spirt, we would like to acknowledge those people who came to Peter’s immediate aid last week and who have been supporting his “extended” stay in North Salem.
The rescue team on Baxter Road was headed by Key Burns, an equine massage therapist who saw the accident and was first on the scene.  She was soon joined by Jody Rosen and her son Ari, followed soon by Ciaran Murphy (Huntsman the Golden’s Bridge Hounds Hunt) and Andrea Forte (DC of the Golden’s Bridge Hounds Pony Club).  Emergency triage was performed using two sticks and a roll of vet wrap — the medical techs at the hospital were very impressed!
Special, special thanks to Wendy Terebesi,  Manager and Dressage Instructor at Pink Cloud who not only took charge of the whole situation and drove Peter to the hospital, but who has been providing unbelievable care for Henry and Drake.  We know that Peter feels much better knowing the horses are so happy.  And a special thanks to the Gossett family for “taking in” Peter’s 6-horse rig which was about to be sent to Pawling for parking!
Peter will have a better chance for a quick recovery due to all of the support he has received.
Best wishes Peter for a quick recovery,
Nancy Marks & Steve Silver


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