12 Days of Giveaways, Day 4: Win a Supplement Bundle from Kentucky Performance Products

It’s time to kick off the final month of 2022 with some free stuff — everyone’s favorite! This year, we’ve partnered with a whole slew of brands for these 12 (or more!) giveaways. There will be plenty you won’t want to miss out on, so remember to check back on Eventing Nation (and also, there are giveaways happening daily over on Horse Nation!) each day through December 12.

Today (December 4), we’re teaming up with Kentucky Performance Products to give away a supply of three top supplements: Ker-A-Form, Summer Games Electrolyte, and Joint Armor, plus a tube of Trouble Free paste. That’s three of KPP’s most loved supplements, all coming your way!

Ker-A-Form is a scientifically formulated coat and hoof supplement that is named after one of the tissues it was developed to nourish “keratin.” Keratin is the fibrous protein that forms the main structural component of hair and hooves. Without healthy keratin, hooves and hair grow slowly and become dull, dry, and brittle. The combination of nutrients found in Ker-A-Form support keratin as well as multiple other components that make up healthy skin, hair, and hooves.

Summer Games Electrolyte is a unique blend of both electrolytes and trace minerals specifically formulated to replenish critical electrolytes in the proper ratios. Summer Games supports healthy electrolyte balance so horses stay hydrated, perform at optimal levels, and recover faster after exercise or in stressful situations.

Joint Armor’s complete formula provides your horse with the nutrients necessary to support both healthy joint cartilage and synovial fluid.

Spooky, tense, edgy, unfocused. If these words describe your horse, a calming supplement could make training easier and riding more fun. Trouble Free is scientifically formulated to support proper nervous system function and help your horse maintain a more confident, focused, and relaxed disposition.

Congratulations to Caitlin R. — you’re our winner!

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