2010 Radio Show Episode 90 – Eventing Extravaganza

Samantha and Glenn have been dedicated friends of Eventing Nation from our earliest days.  This week, the 2010 show is packed with eventers, including Peter Atkins of helmet-cam fame.  Also, a big shout out for linking to EN in the show notes.  Check it out.
Re-live Rolex via Peter Atkins’ exhilarating helmet mounted video cam; we ask him what’s next – web cam for WEG? We also find out how Frances Stead keeps producing all these beautiful Clifton Event Horses from her base in New Zealand, how she found her Aussie rider Jock Paget, and what their plans are for the super talented 4* horse Clifton’s Promise this summer. And fresh off a very impressive debut at Badminton, the first Portugese Rider ever to complete, and with his sights firmly set on Lexington, Duarte Seabra. Plus all the latest 2010 WEG news you need to know. Listen in… 2010 Radio Show Episode 90 – Eventing Extravaganza (Samantha gets her way!):



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