2016 EN Gallop Poll: Tell Us About Yourself!

Photo by Leslie Wylie. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

“Gallop poll,” haha. Get it? Bad puns aside, it’s time for the smart, good-looking citizens of Eventing Nation to stand up and be counted.

The EN team is on an eternal quest to make this the best eventing website in the land, and the more we know about our readership the better we can shape the site into exactly what YOU want it to be. Help us out by answering a few questions  — it only takes a minute and we’ll send you a great big heaping scoop of EN karma in return!

Last but not least, how can we improve your EN experience? Feel free to contribute your comments and suggestions in the comments section below or you can email them to [email protected] All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in our survey. Karma’s in the mail!

Go Eventing.