2018 WEG Now Accepting Volunteer Inquiries

Want to volunteer at the 2018 Tryon World Equestrian Games? Good on you. If selected, not only do you get to play a helpful role in what is expected to be the largest event in North America next year, volunteers receive …

  • Credentials to enter the events where they are working for use on the days they are working. (Although WEG cannot guarantee that volunteers will be positioned to “see” the events while they are on duty.)
  • Meals on days of service and scheduled breaks.
  • A pass to the World Equine Expo for each day that they are scheduled to work. Expo passes are transferable.
  • Shuttle transportation to the venue where they are working.
  • Assistance with lodging, with two options are available: rental and complimentary. Volunteers requesting complimentary housing will be hosted by local families in the community within a 1.5-hour radius from the venue. (If you are a homeowner and would like more information on how to host a WEG volunteer, please contact [email protected].)
  • A uniform package, which must be purchased for $35, which includes at minimum a hat, pin and shirt(s).

The process of collating the 2018 WEG Volunteer Corp has begun and will continue throughout the spring. Note: There are a limited number of volunteer positions, and not everyone who signs up will be selected. Here’s a timeline of how the selection process will unfold:

Now: Currently, the WEG Volunteer Management Program is in the “Scope Phase” of receiving inquiries from prospective WEG volunteers. Submitting an online inquiry is the first in a sequence of steps required to complete a volunteer application. Click here to submit your volunteer inquiry. Anyone who has previously filled out the online inquiry form does not need to resubmit the form to receive an invitation to the online Volunteer Portal.

March: The scheduled launch of the online WEG Volunteer Portal in March will begin the “Recruitment Phase.” Volunteers who have submitted an inquiry through the existing online form will receive a link to the Volunteer Portal to begin an application. Volunteers will create a login and password, answer security and ability questions, purchase the uniform package, and sign a liability waiver.

April: Volunteers selected for service will be notified of their assignment(s) during the “Selection Phase.”

May: May 1 is the deadline for all volunteers to complete applications through the online Volunteer Portal.

June – September: “Orientation” and “Pilot Training Phases” will take place.

For more information about the WEG Volunteer Program, visit the website here.