24-Hour Party People: Postcards from the Belly of the Boekelo Beast

One night at Boekelo, I made the mistake of leaving the press tent. Immediately, some bros stole my toboggan off my head and I got dirty dance assaulted by some drunk lady who, prior to my wandering up, had been humping her suitcase in front of the stage.

Judging from Instagram dispatches from this year’s event, some things never change. Here are a few of your snapshots, starting with this one, which I think truly encapsulates the spirit of Boekelo. Euro eventing nightlife at its finest.

Wine is the new apple juice.

What were YOU doing on Tuesday night?

Because why not.

This was posted at 9 a.m. Dutch time.

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#proost #goedbegin

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Paardje hopย #๐Ÿด!

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Paardje hop #๐Ÿด

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Fashion night.

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Top avond๐Ÿ˜

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That disco ball, tho.

Drive home safe, kids.

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