29 Nations to Compete in Eventing at World Equestrian Games

Official promo image of the 2014 WEG via the WEG website

Official promo image of the 2014 WEG via the WEG website

Entries for the World Equestrian Games closed March 25, and the final tallies are now in29 national federations have applied to compete in eventing; that’s 23 teams with six countries sending individual riders. That puts eventing about in the middle of the pack as far as participation. Here are the countries that have declared their intent to compete:

Team: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Sweden, USA

Individual: Argentina, Belarus, China, Ecuador, Finland, Ukraine

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers by discipline courtesy of the FEI:

Jumping: 57 NFs (41 teams; 16 NFs with one or two individual riders)
Endurance: 50 NFs (40 teams; 10 NFs with one or two individual riders)
Dressage: 39 NFs (28 teams; 11 NFs with one or two individual riders)
Para-Dressage: 34 NFs (24 teams; 10 NFs with three or four individual riders)
Eventing: 29 NFs (23 teams; 6 NFs with one or two individual riders)
Vaulting: 29 NFs (20 squads; 14 pas-de-deux; 23 NFs with one to three female vaulters; 15 NFs with one to three male vaulters)
Reining: 25 NFs (19 teams; 6 NFs with one or two individual riders)
Driving: 19 NFs (15 teams; 4 NFs with one individual driver)

And here are some other notable facts and figures from the FEI:

  • 72 nations in all have declared their intention to participate in the World Equestrian Games
  • 9 nations will be represented by teams in all the disciplines: Australia, Austria, host France, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and USA
  • 12 countries will be competing at the World Equestrian Games for the first time — Hong Kong, U.S. Virgin Islands, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Morocco, Mauritius, Peru, Palestine, Romania, Thailand and Tunisia

“We are delighted with the strong interest the National Federations are showing in this summer’s Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. It is very exciting to welcome new nations from all over the world to the FEI’s biggest event. The majority of the nations that will be participating for the first time have indicated their intention to send teams or individuals in more than one discipline, which shows how well our sport is developing all around the world. These are exciting times and I am looking forward to a successful record-breaking Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy.” — FEI Secretary General Ingmar De Vos

Click here to see the full list of participating countries across all disciplines.

[FEI Press Release]

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