3 Reasons to Hit the Sales and Go Helmet Shopping Today

In 2010, Allison Springer was the first person to wear a helmet in the dressage phase at the Kentucky Three-Day event. She’s picture here in 2014 on Arthur. Photo by Jenni Autry.

It’s International Helmet Awareness Day (well, International Helmet Awareness Weekend, really) and it’s the perfect time to go shopping for a new brain bucket, should you be in the market. Each year, Riders4Helmets partners with helmet manufacturers to offer deep discounts on their headwear via retailers around the world.

Here at EN, we’re big proponents of minding your melon each and every ride. We’re also cash-strapped horse-poor crazy people who, despite measly checking account balances, still can’t pass up a good sale. Though safety is nothing to skimp on anyway, the enticement of up to 25% off is particularly alluring and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on such great deals.

Here are three reasons/ reminders why you might need to go helmet shopping today:

1. You’ve fallen (or your helmet has otherwise been impacted.)

This should be a no-brainer (pun very much intended), but if your helmet has hit the ground or otherwise been whacked real good then it needs to be replaced regardless of whether or not it shows signs of damage. Any impact can compromise the integrity of the helmet by crushing the layer of foam inside — that’s what it’s designed to do after all. So even though you might not see a crack or dent, the level of protection that your helmet provides might not be as great during the next impact it takes, which means your head it more at risk.

2. Your helmet has reached it’s expiration date.

There’s not exactly a crystal clear expiration date stamped on your helmet like there is on a can of beans from the grocery store (not that those are always crystal clear either, but that’s beside the point here) but the general consensus is that helmets have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years from the manufacture date, which can be found on a tag inside your helmet. Like all plastics, the materials that make up your helmet degrade over time, meaning your helmet offers less protection as time wears on. Inadequate storage of your helmet, such as in a hot car, can also accelerate the degradation of plastics and cause your helmet to ‘expire’ sooner.

3. You’ve been eyeballing the latest and greatest.

Maybe your current helmet is still perfectly good, but you’re ready for a little upgrade — excellent! Now is the time to treat yo ‘self and save some of that hard-earned cash while you’re at it. Are you looking to get in on the rose gold trend? Or maybe you’re ready to add a little bling to your look (hellooo, glittery One K!) Maybe you want to outfit yourself in the newest technology, MIPS (which to be be fair, isn’t actually a new technology, it’s just being newly adopted in equestrian helmets.)

Whatever you’ve got it mind, go shopping and go eventing (with a helmet!)