4 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 2018 USEA Educational Symposium

Robin Walker discusses the introduction of the canter and free jump at the FEH Championships. At this year’s symposium, attendees will learn how to properly prepare young horses for free jumping. Photo by USEA/Caroline Culbertson, used with permission.

The USEA’s Young Event Horse, Future Event Horse and Instructors’ Certification Programs are teaming up again this year for the mega USEA Educational Symposium, Feb. 19-22, 2018, in Ocala, Florida. Whether you have close ties to these programs or you are just looking for an awesome opportunity to learn, this symposium definitely has something for you!

Learn from World-Class Instructors 

For an affordable fee, you can learn from a few of our sport’s top teachers including Leslie Law, Kai-Steffen Meier and Chris Ryan. You’ll experience both engaging classroom sessions at the beautiful Ocala Jockey Club followed by riding demonstrations at Longwood Farm. Watching and learning the progression of both instructors and young horses is an extremely beneficial way to strengthen your own riding whether through new exercises or new ways to think about training. Instructors include:

ICP: Kai-Steffen Meier and Leslie Law
YEH: Kai-Steffen Meier and Leslie Law, with Marilyn Payne teaching the new YEH scoring system
FEH: Chris Ryan, Shauna Spurlock, Susan Graham White

View the complete symposium schedule here.

Kai-Steffen Meier and TSF Karascada M at Badminton 2014. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Explore the New Changes to the Young Event Horse Program

The USEA Young Event Horse Program rolled out some major changes last month including an entirely new scoring system. The conformation section has been removed from qualifying events, increasing the emphasis on the jumping/galloping portion. Class structure for the YEH program can be found here.

Anyone with ties to YEH, including judges and participants, have been encouraged to attend to make sure they are prepared to comply with the new additions.

Strengthen Your Understanding in All Phases of Horse Development

Whether you want to find your next top horse or make sure the basics are truly there with your veteran partner, the experts at the USEA Symposium have a wealth of knowledge to share. The Future Event Horse portion will cover appropriate conformation, bloodlines and behavior that are ideal for eventing. The Young Event Horse Program and the Instructors’ Certification Program will cover training and teaching techniques that you can carry with you in your own riding.

Florida Weather 

Escape the cold weather for a educational holiday! It’s Ocala in February … enough said.

The ICP portion of the symposium runs Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 19-20, YEH will be Wednesday, Feb. 21 and FEH will be Thursday, Feb. 22.To attend, you must register for the FEH/YEH and the ICP portions separately. Click here for Young Horse registration. Click here for ICP registration.

USEA Symposium: Website, FEH/YEH Registration, ICP Registration, Schedule

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